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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Dave55, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Wear a mask. It's pretty simple. Like wearing a helmet on DDay. Makes sense.
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    I suggest you don't test at all ... problem solved! :cheers:
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    Not the case here. Our ratio of test to infection is very high
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    Coronapocalypse in Holland

    Weekly update:
    Last week, 534 new individuals were reported to have tested positive for COVID-19. 16 patients have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. Eight people have been reported dead.

    Numbers now are:
    week 1 - 7 July: 19 new deaths, total now 6.132; number of confirmed cases 50.705
    week 8 - 14 July: 8 deaths, total now 6.140; number of confirmed cases 51.239

    For comparison the (official) mortality rate caused by Covid per million of inhabitants:

    (based on the deaths registered by the John Hopkins University)

    (11,4 mln) with 9.800 deaths, it is 859,65
    UK (66,5 mln) this number, with 45.318 deaths, is 681,47
    Spain (46,7 mln), with 28.420 deaths, is 608,57
    Italy (60,4 mln) with 35.028 deaths, the number is 579,93
    Sweden (10,2 mln) with 5.619 deaths is 550,88
    France (67,0 mln) with 30.155 deaths, is 450,08
    USA (327,2 mln) with 139.226 deaths, it is 425,51
    Holland (17,2 mln) with 6.140 deaths, it now is 356,97
    Canada (37,1 mln) with 8.884 deaths is 239,46
    Germany (82,9 mln) with 9.088 deaths is 109,61

    Population numbers (courtesy SteveDee) Coronavirus deaths per million by country 2020 | Statista. Some countries - like Belgium - include suspected Covid deaths that were not tested. The official corona mortality of various countries is therefore less comparable.

    Belgium still is the relatively hardest hit country in Europe and maybe world-wide (a sky-high death rate of 859+ per million inhabitants - but Belgium has been very strict with itself. It counts not only deaths after a positive test, but also of persons with symptoms that indicate the virus. The UK and Spain follow at a distance. Germany, where the virus spread at the same time as in Holland, is doing extremely well. The country has a more disciplined population and does a lot of testing, contact tracing and isolating.
    The death rates in Sweden, the only country in Europe that opted for a smooth approach, with only a very limited lock down, are significantly higher than the surrounding Scandinavian countries and now even approach the Italian rates.
    The deaths in the USA are now fast on the rise (approx. 1.000 a day), though the rates are dampened by the large population of the country. Initially my best guess was that the USA would approach the rates of France, a country which is also alternated by overcrowded cities and a sparsely populated countryside. I now opt for a Swedish scenario (the country with a more lenient lock down) and foresee to a death toll of about 180.250.
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    From following this saga in depth from it's outset, there are really only two solutions to the pandemic, either generally acquired immunity (a.k.a. herd immunity) or vaccination. How long is the the population prepared to wait for the latter?
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    I'm not arguing that point at all. The point I'm making is that since the magnitude of testing is so much more these days as opposed to the early days of the craze. The media is portraying it as growing in leaps and bounds daily when it probably has been with us for much longer and we didn't know since testing for it was non-existent months ago. By now, everyone on the planet has walked past someone who stood next to someone who's been in the same room as someone who has been exposed to the kung flu. And every other infectious disease out there as well, the ones we know about and the ones we don't know about yet. And don't get into talking about the contagion strains that have mutated multiple times in it's existence. We live in a "dirty" environment. Not sterile at all in other words. And the media is eating it up.
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    If I understood what you were saying, I would probably say "what a lot of bollocks".
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    Well just pretend that you understand what I'm saying and go ahead and say "what a lot of bollocks". It's ok, I understand.
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  10. Dave55

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    Now this is getting completely out of hand! He wasn't wearing a mask!

    Lee was in the execution chamber with two men who the Bureau of Prisons would only identify as “senior BOP officials,” a U.S. Marshal and his spiritual adviser, who a Bureau of Prisons spokesperson described as an “Appalachian pagan minister.” They did not wear masks and Lee was also not wearing a mask.

    U.S. carries out the 1st federal execution in nearly 2 decades after Supreme Court clears the way
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    And he will.

    He's a coon-ass.

    They are like that.
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    What I learned is that recent research has revealed that 'herd' immunity is no longer an option, since immunity against COVID19 is limited to a couple of months. After that the anti-bodies disappear and you can be infected again. This virus is 'a real bugger'.
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    One study.
    Nobody in science land seems to have publicly & confidently confirmed antibody defences disappear completely.
    Nobody serious has confirmed anything at all about immunity.
    Single announced monkey trial with encouraging results.

    Am not a scientist, so happy to leave them to grind their wheels at whatever speed the work requires. The clever bastards will confirm stuff eventually, but haven't yet.
    The press, however... Well, they're all obviously beavering away in their labs, and definitely not falling on any potential controversy they can like a tramp on chips.
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    An excellent analysis in my mind. The only things currently known - in basic strategic terms - are:
    1. There have been more deaths than usual for the last few months, so something is going on
    2. 'We' know that we don't know much about Covid-19 and need to find out - that could take years for a fuller understanding
    3. It takes time - years - to develop things like vaccines and even basic knowledge....and even journalists can't speed up time but of course they will still winge and claim 'why wasn't that done earlier' when the answers are known
    4. It's time for my afternoon cuppa...
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  16. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    I wear a mask in public just in case it might be true that I could infect others but the testing results in the US are meaningless. I believe none of the information being reported in mass media, good or bad. Zero.

    The Florida Department of Health in its daily report lists multiple laboratories throughout the state — many of them small testing sites — with 100% positivity rates. Multiple others also have zero positivity rates.

    Florida COVID-19 testing problems: 100% positivity rates wrong Lee Health says
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  18. KevinC

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    So 112 days of lockdown and still haven't been able to work. Luckily the Mrs has a decent paying job.

    I think she's had enough of me doing things around the house so I've been sent away
    Annotation 2020-07-16 100624.jpg
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    Try a beaver!
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