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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Dave55, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Canadian Border Agents:

    Sorry aboot that, the border is still closed, no riding to Sturgis eh!

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  4. canuck

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    That gives Mountie an entirely new meaning.
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  5. canuck

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    Meanwhile, here is the lineup of Canadians waiting to cross the border into the U.S.

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  6. bamboo43

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    I'm not recalling any Law Enforcement personnel remotely resembling the above, from my tour across BC and Alberta last year!!
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    Me neither but I'm going back to see, just in case I went down the wrong road!
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    It's probably just as crowded on the other side as well.
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    Apparently she has a sister with the department as well.

  11. canuck

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    I jest but the reality is that the border is pretty much closed to everything except commercial truck traffic.

    We're still waiting for all the Hollywood celebrities who said they would move here after Trump became President but so far, nothing.

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  12. Dave55

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  14. Robert-w

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    Definitely fake news - he isn't armed to the teeth
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    I'd heard the tanks on the streets one and there was an element of truth in it in that there were a couple of large military convoys moving around (I vaguely remember the M5 being mentioned) at the time the lockdown was announced...however it was pure coincidence as that sort of thing (military convoys) happens all the time anyway. That was also the time, for perfectly logical reasons, some from the military were seconded to local Councils and NHS as Liaison Officers re PPE logistics and Covid Testing.
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    You little beauty.
    I have missed you. IMG_20200807_145933429~2.jpg
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    What's the story with this wonderful thing? Is the pic true to size? Looking forward to the weekend much more now thank you very much!

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