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    Somebody is getting access
    'We connect with God under the influence of liquor'
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    Coronapocalypse in Holland
    " ... the virus is not done with us"

    Weekly update (week 5 - 11 Aug):
    The number of people with established COVID-19 steadily rises. Last week, 4.036 new individuals were reported who tested positive for COVID-19. That is 1.448 more reports than the number of last week. In the past week, 38 patients have been reported who have been hospitalized for COVID-19. There were 9 COVID-deaths.

    Meanwhile it is also clear that the disease for young people is by no means the innocent flu that activists like to make of it: the Dutch Facebook group "Corona patients with long-term complaints" counts more than 14 thousand members now. These are often younger ex-patients, who, even after mild Covid complaints, still suffer with debilitating complaints such as extreme fatigue, headache, shortness of breath and memory loss, .

    Numbers now are:
    week 1 - 7 July: 19 new deaths, total now 6.132; number of confirmed cases 50.705
    week 8 - 14 July: 8 deaths, total now 6.140; number of confirmed cases 51.239
    week 14 - 21 July: 7 deaths, total now 6.147; number of confirmed cases 52.226
    week 21 - 28 July: 9 deaths, total bow 6.156; number of confirmed cases 53.555
    week 28 July - 4 Aug: 6 deaths, total now 6.162; number of confirmed cases 56.143
    week 5 - 11 Aug: 9 deaths, total now 6.171; number of confirmed cases 60.179

    For comparison the (official) mortality rate caused by Covid per million of inhabitants:
    (based on the deaths registered by the John Hopkins University)

    (11,4 mln) with 9.879 deaths, it is 866,58
    UK (66,5 mln) this number, with 46.611 deaths, is 700,91
    Spain (46,7 mln), with 28.576 deaths, is 611,91
    Italy (60,4 mln) with 35.209 deaths, the number is 582,93
    Sweden (10,2 mln) with 5.770 deaths is 565,68
    USA (327,2 mln) with 163.533 deaths, it is 499,80
    France (67,0 mln) with 30.327 deaths, is 452,64
    Holland (17,2 mln) with 6.171 deaths, it now is 358,78
    Canada (37,1 mln) with 9.034 deaths is 243,50
    Germany (82,9 mln) with 9.207 deaths is 111,06

    Population numbers (courtesy SteveDee) Coronavirus deaths per million by country 2020 | Statista. Some countries - like Belgium - include suspected Covid deaths that were not tested. The official corona mortality of various countries is therefore less comparable.

    Belgium still is the relatively hardest hit country in Europe and maybe world-wide (a sky-high death rate of 866+ per million inhabitants - but Belgium has been very strict with itself. It counts not only deaths after a positive test, but also of those who showed symptoms that indicate the virus. The UK and Spain make a good second and third.
    The rates in Sweden, the only country in Europe that gambled for group immunity and decided not to lock down, are now almost up to the Italian rates.
    The deaths in the USA are now fast on the rise (approx. 1.000 a day). The death rate now is well beyond that of France. Is the US heading for a Swedish/Italian scenario? If so this will mean a number of 180.000 - 190.000 deaths.
    Germany, where the virus spread at the same time as in Holland, is doing extremely well. The country has a more disciplined population and does a lot of testing, contact tracing and isolating.
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    I got a facemask with my old cap badge on it.
    The lady that made them did them in blue for 1st Bn Wessex Regt & green for the 2nd Bn Wessex Regt.

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    Ah but where's the moose mask, Moose?:-P.
    (or the flamingo one come to think of it)
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    Used to know a chap who always spoke to god while on his filthy-looking Fly Agaric 'wine'.
    Sometimes while standing halfway up a chimney.
    Very keen for us all to join him in the conversation... oddly, nobody ever accepted the offer.

    He was called Christian. So there's that.
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    I see that the current crisis has had a severe impact on the Champagne business with large unsold stocks. Always thought the stuff was overrated myself - much prefer a good quality dry cider - chilled just enough. Fortunately I live near some excellent dry cider makers.
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    Seems like with the quarantining going on sales such as champagne would go up, as does all forms of alcohol. Even the hillbillys in Appalachia are experiencing increased sales of moonshine.
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    Wedding receptions, christening parties, big bar mitzvahs, promotion celebrations, launches (book, film, ship and so on) etc etc have been stifled
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    Yeah I didn't see that angle, I thought that the home consumption levels would boost sales. Makes sense. Next time I make a supermarket run I think I'll grab a bottle (not Dom Perignon) and do my part to help stabilize the champagne business. Normally I knock out a bottle of red wine when making a mess in the kitchen, but this bubbly stuff might be a welcome change up in the rotation.
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    You can work up quite a thirst rioting and looting.
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    Well this is massively depressing/shit.
    Can only assume the people that think this is a good idea never really liked going to gigs in the first place.

    Socially distanced concert, FFS.

    I'm guessing it's quite hard to emigrate to Sweden. Finding myself strangely tempted.
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    Wildest headbangers I've ever seen.
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    These have been demanding weeks:
    participation in an excavation (Slavic fortification 8th century AD)
    The sensational find was an excellently preserved slashing knife, also two spearheads and several arrowheads
    The "fire horizon" tells us this fortification came to a violent end:
    Building a replica of a wooden club from the battlefield of Tollense for my Museum:
    work in progress
    Reconstruction and operation of a celtic bloomery with bog iron ore:
    Ofen 1.png

    Construction and operation of a bronze smelting furnace:
    Ofen 2.png
    2kg raw iron, four Bronze Axes, several hundred photographs and probably almost as many pages of documentation (to be written in the near future)
    I really love my job! :D
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    The article takes a strangely England-centric view of the beaver in our now devolved govt structure here in “Britain”. DEFRA’s remit in these matters only runs to the English border. In Scotland re-introduction of the European Beaver began way back in 2008/09 and since last year have been a legally protected species in Scotland and have been thriving. They even featured on a TV nature programme a few months ago.
    Beavers are back in Scotland!
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    Do you fancy some wolves?

    In Holland we have plenty of them by now :wacko:

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