The Falklands War

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    As every pub in the land had an ex SAS man drinking there - which would probably add up to ten times the size of the members of the regiment from day one to date. Twice I have had the Falklands war hero with tales of shush! You know who. More to be pitied than scorned, I am capable of making it clear that they should go away. I do not get angry but do wonder what they get out of it. One was a complete pillock, in temperate climate combats with a colour sergeants rank tab with a 2 para flash and wings. Something did not look right and when Ken the landlord pointed to me and said he is an ex pongo (Ken RN for donkeys) I shook hands and said would you like a drink colour sergeant - It's Staff he said, attached then? No 2 Para! That and the way he was dressed and moved just did not tally. It was when another pub regular said that is one dopey beggar last week he was Royal Marines down at the Wetherspoons gaffe in town!
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    Funny I have not seen this any where else.

    Thanks for posting, Any statement coming from A... is best ignored. Best to stick to 1982 stuff.

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    Not WW2 but perhaps of interest....Doc Hughes the RMO of 2 Para was interviewed at length for it.......

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    Yes "A.M." I think this will be a humbling experience huge respect for the men and women who did so much for so many, the real heros.
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    BBC News - The Falklands War: Key dates

    2 April 1982
    Argentina invades
    Argentine forces invade the Falkland Islands, entering the capital Port Stanley early in the morning. The 80-man garrison of Royal Marines is outnumbered and Governor Sir Rex Hunt orders it to surrender at 09:15 local time. Other British South Atlantic territories including South Georgia are seized shortly afterwards.
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    Very moving :poppy:

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    ‎30 years ago today the British nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sets sail from Faslane naval base in Scotland - Destination the South Atlantic !
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    30 years ago today the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible sail from Portsmouth as part of a task force of more than 100 ships. It will take nearly three weeks to travel the 8,000 miles to the South Atlantic. Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington resigns over the invasion and is replaced by Francis Pym.
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    I know it's still a few weeks early but I am itching to bring this to your attention too much :D

    At the time there was no Internet, the TV and newspapers were useless, so I had to anxiously wait for the news in Military Modelling magazine to make any sense of what was going on :)
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    Does anyone know if it still the longest flight of a bombing raid in history?
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    I think it is. The Wikipedia page is interesting for start-up information as always, and the discussion page is worth the visit.

    Lots if you google.

    The distance between Diego Garcia and Afghanistan is about 4700km, and the B-52s and B-1s do this every day, but 7500km is aomewhat more than this. I have to check but I think the USAF did some B-2 missions from continental US to Iraq.

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    Six B-2s were committed to Operation Enduring Freedom, the American intervention in Afghanistan in 2001/2002, performing strikes in the early phases of the conflict. One mission lasted 44 hours, the longest combat sortie in the history of air warfare, with B-2s flying out of Whiteman to Afghanistan, dropping their loads, and then landing on Diego Garcia island in the Indian ocean to refuel, rearm, and take on new crews while the engines remained on idle. This done, the B-2s went back to Afghanistan to drop their loads, and finally returned to Whiteman.

    B-2 Spirit Factsheet ::

    But maybe there were some longer after this was written.
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    During the Gulf War (part 1), B-52s out of Barksdale AFB (Louisiana) flew bombing missions to Iraq with the assistance of in-flight refueling.
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    Not a bombing raid, but the first round the world flight, Led by Captain James Gallagher. Flight re-fuelled 4 times:

    Lucky Lady II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    'LeMay cited the significance of the mission as indicating that the Air Force now had the capability to take off on bombing missions from anywhere in the United States to "any place in the world that required the atomic bomb". He further stated that mid-air refueling could also be used for fighter aircraft. Symington noted that aerial refueling would "turn medium bombers into inter-continental bombers".2

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