THE FORGOTTEN WAR. The China India Burma theatre.

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    Hi Eddie,

    I have not found a reference for Fergusson's 16th Brigade, but these are some of the relevant files for your search:

    WO177/1958=77th Indian Infantry B.

    WO177/1959=111th Indian Infantry B.

    WO177/2087=19th Casualty Clearing Station (Imphal).

    Once again the sequencing order for these files does not make it easy or logical to find what one needs!

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    Thought I would post up this book I recently aquired given me and Mike started this thread of about the Chindits and Marauders seems apt that I post this here, the signatures are those of 22 Chindits!

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    Very nice book you've got there Andy!, Took me by the surprise that the lads are still holding reunions. It seems that just about every reunion I read about is the 'last' one. Great to see the guys still going.
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    Thanks very much............ and your Andy;)
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    Sadly, I missed this years reunion, but did attend last year. Here I sat with several 1944 Chindits and their families. I had a wonderful time and they were very interested in hearing about my Grandfather and his story from the year before.

    These guys have a great sense of community and realize the importance of celebrating and honouring their exploits and the memory of those who did not return.

    I met two veterans from the 1943 campaign, one of whom was nearly 90 years old, both gave their time generously and attempted to answer all my questions (of which there were many!).

    Truly great people.
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    I have an off shoot from my core research going at the moment. I am interested in info on the Friends Ambulance Unit that worked in China/Burma during WW2. These were American pacifist conscientious objectors, who volunteered for stretcher bearing duties and so on close to the frontline.

    Books on the subject would be of particular interest.


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    Thanks very much............ and your Andy;)
    Apologies wtid45, no idea why I wrote Andy lol.
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    Thanks Jason,

    These brave F.A.U. men have been mentioned in several books I have read concerning the Chindits and other CBI units such as the 'Marauders'. It has made me want to find out more about them.

    Incredibly brave decision to state your pacifist view point at a time of war, but still contribute in such a selfless way.

    Thanks again.

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    Well just to keep you up to date on my research on my Great Grandfather Thomas Joseph Chandler.

    Since I never knew anything about him as he died before I was born. I found out that he won a DCM for his actions in Operation Thursday (Partly told in an earlier thread).

    My initial thoughts were to only find out the reason why he was actually awarded the gallantry medal as my family were unaware of this also.

    After a little searching I found the citation, this then set of the curiosity bug in me and then the real search began.

    I have managed to find the names of the soldiers killed at the time, whose bodies he an his platoon recovered. What an extraordinary feeling to put names to the people who were killed at the time. It seemed to put into reality the citation, as the citation only recorded his actions at the time and obviously not the reality of the situation.

    As time went on I began to think of the families of the men killed and if they had any surviving relatives or descendants. Late last year my luck was astounding as I managed to find relatives of three of the men, a wife and a 2 brothers.

    I have met the wife of one soldier and a brother of another and spoken to one other brother. I must say that these were emotional times and still are when I think of the moment I actually spoken to them.

    These meetings and discussion really brought to life the men whose lives were cut short.

    My research continued and I finally managed to get to the Imperial war museum to listen to some audio that they had on tape. To my amazement my great grandfathers name was mentioned as one of the men recollected his time in Burma.

    I have since managed to trace the soldier on the audio tape and have spoken to him about my great grand father and the events of their time trapped at Indaw Lake.

    I have been so lucky in my research to have found out so much. I thought that this would be my limit of gaining information but that was not to be the case.

    I have since during the last month been in contact with 3 other soldiers of his regiment A Captain has spoken and written to me, another solider who is not in the best of health had spoken to his son who told me that he remember being in hospital with my great grandfather, where they both had to put out a fire when the hospital tent caught fire! Finally only this week I spoke to a soldier who was actually in the platoon that Thomas (GGF) was in and was with him when they went to recover the bodies.

    It has been a wonderful and emotional journey so far and I know that I am still only at the beginning. I am hoping to meet 2 more of these men very soon and to me this will mean so much.

    I am so proud to be the great grandson of Thomas, but more than that I am finding part of the story that for many men was to be their last journey. To me my research will piece together the events of the 2nd Leicesters arduous trek over mountains and through jungle and keep the memory of those men alive rather than be just a name on a memorial or gravestone.

    So my story continues to grow with the information that I am obtaining from my curiosity.

    To be continued.........

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    I know how much effort you have put in to your research Eddie, so these great results are only fair reward.

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    I know how much effort you have put in to your research Eddie, so these great results are only fair reward.

    Have to agree whole heartedly with that sentiment Steve, Eddies research and his contribution to the CBI on the forum have been excellent.And you have been no slouch either mate:D
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    I would totally agree with wtid45

    Bamboo efforts so far in his research make mine look like I am only scratching the surface. I take my hat off to Bamboo for the help that he has given me on the occasions that I have asked for info.

    I know that my research in Operation Thursday will grow and grow, it may be classed as the 'Forgotten War' but I hope in time that I can help the men be remembered for what was such a 'foreign' and difficult task in hand.

    I cannot begin to say how much more I regard the men who have fought for their country and put their lives on the line.

    We should never forget the sacrifice that they made, those that fell and those that returned.
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    Have to agree whole heartedly with that sentiment Steve, Eddies research and his contribution to the CBI on the forum have been excellent.And you have been no slouch either mate:D

    I signed that Jason. Both Eddie and Bamboo just like yourself give large contribution to the CBI on this forum and I learned more about this obviously not "Forgotten" theater of the war from all of you.
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    Steve, Eddie, since you two guys appeared on Talk the threads and posts in the Burma India thread have increased in no small amount thanks to your efforts.......... your research and insights into the Chindits for one have been nothing short of brilliant and I know how much you do for that body of men who still live among us today,(having recently met the son of a Chindit I know this for fact as he told me of a certain members efforts in his work for the FOTC,;)) for that I thank you as the son of one of the forgotten who like you strives to make that less so.I would also like to say that were it not for Sol my Mandalay Hill thread would not of got to where it is today I think along with the Forgotten War thread it is one of the top two viewed threads in the Burma India section and also thanks to Sol I have a lead on a book that tells the history of my Uncles unit in Burma and to echo Bamboos comment elswhere on the forum tonight more research on the CBI :D but I would not have it any other way. WHEN YOU GO HOME TELL THEM OF US AND SAY FOR YOUR TOMMOROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY!
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    Ok guys I need to find a copy of this book a bit cheaper than this. chapman - the lampi - AbeBooks the reason I ask is because this is my Uncle, Albert Parr. "Dad served in Burma with the 82nd Anti Rank Regiment RA".
    "Dad was also involved in building the road on the Silchar Track in Burma and I also have the book written by Col. Chapman called "The Lampi". Dad had a copy of this book but loaned it out and never received it back but several years before his death I found a copy via the internet and purchased it for him. On his death I claimed the book back and now guard it with my life. Dad's name is listed in the book as being a member of the Bridge Building Party". Both quotes are from my Cousin and there is more to follow;)
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    Hi Jason,

    I think I came across this a few months ago, when you do crazy things like put 'Chindit veterans' into Google search!:rolleyes:

    At first I was quite excited, as it sounded as though he could be Chindit 1? But as you read on, it seems more likely he was Chindit 2. Still looks a lovely piece of social/military history though.

    I wish more men and women of WW2 would write their memories and experiences down.
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