The Great Patriotic War.Victory Day at 70

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    To commemorate the victory of the USSR and her western allies over Nazi Germany and the end of the Second World War in Europe,a unique international online project created by Russia Beyond the Headlines has been launched of the Unknown War.The article is included in the DT regular feature, Russia Beyond the Headlines. .....edition Tuesday April 21 2015

    Interesting postive assessment of Stalin following the 22 months of peace on account of the Russo German Pact of August 1939,(I remember Chamberlain being similar assessed regarding the time afforded to the British following Munich)

    Facts given

    27 million from the USSR are estimated to have died during the Second World War....more that any other country.

    200 days...length of the Battle for Stalingrad which cost the Germans uncertainty about victory and the lives of over a million Red Army personnel and civilians.

    6000 number of tanks and self propelled guns who took part in the Battle of Kursk in June 1943,still the world's biggest battle of its kind.

    Apparently the British were allowed to publish, uncensored,the Russian language newspaper,British Ally which remained on sale until 1949.

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    Quite interesting, Harry, thank you.

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