The Liberation of Ghent - September 1944

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    The Liberation of Ghent - September 1944

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    Threads : Village near Ghent ~ How do I find the Liberators for Nov 11th?

    IWM - Photo series BU769 etc.

    Object description - Major General G L Verney, GOC 7th Armoured Division, enters Ghent in his Staghound armoured car, 8 September 1944.

    HD Stock Video Footage - The British 2nd Army rolls through Tournai, fights in Antwerp and Ghent citizens help wipe out final resistance in Belgium.

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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    SRY - War Diary -

    5th September 1944
    R.H.Q. moved to some high ground NE of the town in order to improve wireless reception. ā€œCā€ Sqn moved out to sp Recce in covering the bridges North of the town. They went approximately 15 miles to the outskirts of GHENT, where they engaged an enemy column with considerable success. A Sqn went again to OUDENARDE and captured some 100 P.O.W. B Sqn sent out a patrol to cover the S.E. The patrol marched PIERRE and was here informed by the MAQUIS that the German at PIERRE some 1,000 strong, was holding out. The patrol leader, under a flag of truce demanded the surrender of the Garrison. The German Colonel however refused to negotiate with anyone of a lesser rank than himself. C.O. then proceeded to the village, accompanied by a French priest who conducted the party under the flag of truce to the German H.Q. C.O. demanded to see the German Colonel who was in Conference with his Offrs and asked a further ten minutes in order to finish his conference. This was agreed to. At the end of this time, the party were shown into the Colonels room, which was cleared of everyone except himself and his Adjt. The Colonel was a short, stout and very dapper, with a bullneck and his breast was covered in medal ribbons. His Adjt was tall, dark, and during the Conference was continually clicking his heels. He was extremely smartly dressed. After much discussion (for about 2 hours) the Colonel agreed to surrender at 1900hrs ā€“ and a R.V. was fixed. At 1925 hrs there was no sign of the Garrison marching out, and it looked as though something had gone wrong. However, it was later discovered that the Garrison had marched out at the appointed time, but had mistaken the R.V. The P.O.W. were eventually passed back in R.A.S.C. lorries. In the meantime, A Sqn together with Recce has spent quite an active day around OUDENARD, where they captured even more prisoners.
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