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    Good evening all,

    Though I'm sure you shan't remember my previous post, you should be able to find it in my profile's activity.
    I'm on the search for any form of records for my Great-Step Grandfather's war records or in the very least, some verification that he was where he advised he was.
    My Step-Grandfather (aptly named Christopher as well) has not been able to find anything regarding his father and I only managed to find out a few things after finding an entry in a Scottish newspaper.

    LCpl. Bysouth C. (Christopher Bysouth) was with the Royal Signals during WW2 (which is what he advised).
    Service Number: 2360026

    He rarely talked about the way but the only information that my Step-Grandfather to get out of him was the following:

    - He was serving in '39.
    - He soon became involved with the Chindits in Burma, being a part of Operation Longcloth but not Operation Tuesday.

    I managed to find his kit-bag at my late Step-Grand Uncle's and the information is as follows:

    LCpl. BYSOUTH C.


    I have every other bit of information about him - even his father and his service during WW1.
    Geneology is my drug and because of this, I want to solve a mystery that my Step-Grandfather and his late brother have been trying to solve for years.
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