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    2011 Book - Tigers in Normandy - Wolfgang Schneider

    Google books - Tigers in Normandy

    "Goodreads" - Tigers in Normandy by Wolfgang Schneider

    History of war review : Tigers in Normandy, Wolfgang Schneider

    With: " The Tiger tank gained a fearsome reputation amongst the Allied troops fighting in Normandy. Schneider's work looks at the detailed service record of almost every Tiger and Tiger II tank, tracing their activities, combat roles and eventual fate. In most cases the exact fate of each Tiger is known, although there are quite a few that are simply stated to have been 'knocked out', and where the exact cause of their destruction isn't unknown.
    Perhaps the most valuable service that this book provides is to remind us that there were never that many Tigers fighting in Normandy at any one time. Their overall impact on the fighting was often dramatic, but it was also often fairly local. The British, Canadian and Poles who fought the Tigers faced far more Panzer IVs and their attacks were normally help(
    ed) by powerful anti-tank defences and the experienced German infantry rather than by any wonder weapons." etc.

    Some Fontenay refs. Via preview in Google books : Tigers in Normandy

    & with "Fontenay-le-Pesnel" : Tigers in Normandy

    & "Rauray" - Tigers in Normandy
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