"Till Victory", my first book about WWII frontline letters!

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm very pleased to announce that next month, my first book will finally be released worldwide in English (yep, I'm French), thanks to Pen & Sword Books! It did very well here in France and even won a History award which was presented to me by the wife of our president Macron back in January.

    "Till Victory : the Second World War by those who were there" is the result of 15 years of collection and research, telling the story of World War II in Western Europe through the unpublished letters and diaries of more than fifty Allied soldiers (Americans, British, Canadians, French...).


    Here's a little video I have just released today so you can get a better idea of the book's content : www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBQ-fKdxTVM


    Also, you can get more information on my website tillvictory.com and listen to my podcast "Till Victory (a podcast about WWII and peace)" on all streaming platforms, where I interview WWII veterans who took part in the project : www.tillvictory.com/podcast

    Oh and I almost forgot! The WW2 Talks forum is obviously cited (with our hero Andy of course) in the thank you section of the book, for all the great information the members provided over the years... Thanks guys!

    Hope you like the book, have a great day!

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