Tim's bought a Firefly. Research help needed.

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    Thanks for the info - I was aware 25th ADR was the Elgins - and have been in contact with a researcher via their Facebook page. I have some more vehicle history to update when I get time. Though lately focus has been on the multibank engine deal.

    In short though, it was not long after 1st April that the vehicle was issued to GGFG.

    I hadn't known how the ADR interacted, though I guess it makes sense that one regiment manages delivery between the docks and perhaps a distribution hub... and the other between the hub and the "end user"... not really different from the way the logistics business operates today.

    I am not clear why the vehicle was "unfit" upon arrival in Jan 1945, but damaged from prior use might explain why it took from Jan 45 to April 45 for it to be reissued. If major repairs were necessary, I suspect this would take time, especially in a field workshop?

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    Some more research, from which I conclude that my vehicle may well have been 1 of the 15 held in reserve until required. The docs also give a rough indication when the IC and VC entered service.

    Sherman VC


    Sherman IC

    Hope of interest

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    When not researching history, am also looking out for other related bits and bobs. The rear smoke discharger system caught my attention, and though this Gen No 8 Mk 6 is 1980s dated, it is very similar to the WW2 version, so makes a useful sample. If anyone knows when the No 8 Mk 6 entered service, that would be really useful. It would be great to obtain a ww2 example. 20210707_185043.jpg


    20210707_185119.jpg Thanks.. Tim.
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