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    My husband's grandfather was posted to No 1 Assault Sqn RAC then later to Westminster Dragoons. He was a flail tank driver but I would like to know how I can find out what happened on D-day as his records say he landed June 6th 1944 in France.

    Any help appreciated

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    If you have his records then I would suggest you upload for members too see and interpret with their own eyes. I guess you would need to know which troop or squadron he was in to know more precisely where he was on that particular day. It should be in the War Diaries

    If you dont have his 'official' service records then they can only be obtained from the MOD and the forms are - Request records of deceased service personnel

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    Does this help at all?

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    They are 2 copies of the same page - they are a part of his service records, but they are not all of it.

    It will be unlikely that you will be able to find out exactly what happened to him as even in the War Diaries he is highly unlikely to be named. If you know more about his tank, its name or number then it might be possible to learn a little more.
    Are you only interested on what he did on D Day??

    The War Diaries as shown on the other thread [Owens post above] state that there are Accounts of D Day per squadron, so as mentioned above you would need to know which squadron he was in

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    Oops new tablet still fumbling around hopefully this is the right one

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    No would like to know what he did till he got home. We know he went all the way through to the Netherlands and we have pictures of him on his tank and also in the snow with his tank.

    Silly thing was he couldn't drive a car before the war but was trained as a tank driver. He was actually a bus conductor.
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    Right - from this thread - Westminster Dragoons

    Post 2 shows the War Diaires for his regiment for 1st - 8th June 1944 - you need to ask Drew5233 or use the link at the base of his post for the War Diaires for that Regiment for the period you require them over

    Post 3 shows the appendix details for B Squadron purely on D Day - again if you ask Drew5233 he can copy all of them so you can read them all and see if your relative has a mention

    He was with the Westminster Dragoons from 01/01/1944 until end Jan 1946

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    I've uploaded two pictures showing Eddy with the rest of the tank crew. Just wondering if anyone recognises the others.

    Pic in snow Eddy is smiling in the middle ( third from left) and the other pic Eddy is on the left.


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