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    Hope someone can help. I've recently come across a photograph of a distant relative in uniform but I can not identify what unit it is as the unit name is not clear. At the start of WW2 he would have been 44 years old so too old for front line service, so this may be for the home front (he lived in Dorset, UK). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Thanks for your help. I shall have to read up on Seabourne Observers.
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    Regarding the medal bar I believe that he was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal after WW1.
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    Just found this.
    "Seaborne Observers remain the only members of the ROC whose service during World War II entitles them to wear the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge"
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    This chap is wearing a Royal Observer Corps uniform, with the seaborne flash which indicates he served onboard ships during the d-day landings as an airplane spotter.

    I have a small ROC museum and have written some webpages on the subject, with photos of the equipment he would have used in WW2 (and info about the later Cold War Role)

    The Royal Observer Corps
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    My partner served with the ROC in the 1980s (before she was commissioned into the RAFVR). There were still a couple of "Seaborne" serving, who wore the badge on their modern uniform. I was able to get one of the titles reasonably, before they went manic in price. And by the way, originals are ALWAYS printed on canvas. Embroidered ones - which have usually originated from the Subcontinent - are dud, notwithstanding the prices asked.

    He seems to have the ribbon of a British Empire Medal on - but he would be entitled to wear the WW1 pair on his uniform if qualified?
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    yes he would, as would non-seaborne members - the ROC (or OC pre-1941) was a recognised arm of the services and in ww2 was armed.
    I have several (about 10) uniforms from pre-1941 to 1980’s and have several examples of medals on them from ww1 medals on the ww2 uniforms to ww2 medals on the 1969’s uniforms. Don’t really see anything other than the ROC long service medal on the uniforms after about the 1970’s

    i have the long service medal and 2 Bars and uniform of Derek Wood, chief observer at Cuckfield, who wrote the book Attack Warning Red (official history of the corps) he was also prolific author and journalist - he wrote the narrow margin - an account of the Battle of Britain aswell, he was a writer for James series of defence books and established the interalia magazine of the 50’s to 80’s

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