Universal Carrier power train

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    Interested to see where this goes. :)
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    Ploughed through the Drawings.
    Who knew there were so many small variants to fitted Flamethrowers...

    Universal carrier general arrangement.

    Drawing TL 1662A CIM (Tanks) - Universal Carrier:
    "CIA (Tanks) Gearbox Ford Type 79-6000 CS Engine"

    (Caveated with mild uncertainty that is a drawing number.)
    Still doesn't confirm exact spec, but definitely points towards bog standard box.
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    Thanks Dave, this is invaluable.

    I recently read about the early years of Ford, and what a strange company they were - none of their executives had offficial job titles, and there were teams of enforcers on the production lines who would literally break up any attempts to unionise. Lots of murky goings on at the executive level as well.
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    Thanks very much VP.

    I think that is indeed the drawing number. CIM was the Ministry of Supply's Chief Inspector of Mechanization, who examined and tested completed AFV's as they came off the production line. Drawings produced by the DTD had the prefix "TD", so the TL probably indicates the MoS's Tank Liaison branch, who appear to have had their own drawing office.

    It looks as though the engine and gearbox pretty much came as a pair. No doubt Ford churned these out like the proverbial chicken nuggets.
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    My goodness - I searched halfway around the planet only to find them on my own doorstep:
    The carriers were part of the original equipment of the Bundeswehr (and the National People's Army of the GDR: THAT was actually new to me - another lesson learned! For that alone it was worth the effort).
    The Bw vehicles were Canadian-built T-16 models type No. 1 Mk II, No. 1 Mk II MMG and No. 1 Mk II 3" mortar.
    They had engine and transmission from the Fordson 7V
    And with that I am out: I am now looking for records of DDR carriers :D

    Ahh, have a glance at:
    Fordson WOT6
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