Unknown 6th Airborne Officer at Pegasus Bridge - ?

Discussion in 'Airborne' started by Cee, May 24, 2014.

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    The picture in Pericos post was shown on TV recently and they said it was for the Pathfinders, the 2 spots he is pointing at being churches [I think] they had to drop between - somewhere near Ranville?? - it stuck in my mind for some reason

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    According to member cardiff rob over here in a 22 IPC thread:

    "Picture 5 is similar to another shot (taken closer) which shows Captain Midwood pointing to a map of France for the benefit of other members of the 22nd. In reality it was staged for the cameras and was actually a map of Newbury placed upside-down on the board to confuse the enemy in the event that they managed to get a copy of the shot."

    Details of the map don't show up very well in the the photos and film I've seen of the scene but could be due to lower quality available for free.

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    John Howard returned to Pegasus Bridge but i don’t think he was a qualified parachutist was he? (Hence the badge on the original pic)

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    Hi Alex,

    The iconic photo of the three men toasting at the Gondree Cafe was taken by James Jarche and appeared in a June 1946 Illustrated article entitled "The Return of Pegasus" It was written by correspondent Charles Hamblett and documents the 1946 Pilgrimage to Normandy.

    I'm not aware of John Howard being a qualified parachutist. The few photos I have of him with insignia show no wings. I'll attach one of him with Mayor of Oxford inspecting men of the 2nd Battalion Oxford and Buckinghamshire LI during a parade on May 14, 1944.

    Gondree, Howard & Wood 1946.JPG Oxford Parade May 14, 1944.jpg

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    But he has a moustache!!! Haha!
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