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    Hi all,

    I had an email back from the archivist at the Royal Artillery Museum today in which she mentions that they have been able to move most of their archives out of deep storage and she sent me two Word documents with policies about visiting and photographs.

    I gather I can't post Word documents here, but if you had wanted to visiting their archives you should be aware that it is possible now after effectively being inaccessible for some time.

    If I were to try to summarize some of the points:
    - appointments generally 9-4:30, M-F
    - arrange in advance to be sure they have the material
    - you need to provide information including your vehicle details as the archive is on a military base, and to bring photo ID
    - visiting fee is £12.50 and there is also a camera fee of the same amount. I'm unclear if there is also a charge/page. THIS HAS TO BE PAID BY CHEQUE.
    - there is also a copying order form for ordering documents without visiting. Photos and images £15/scan usually delivered as 300dpi jpgs. Multi-page documents are £10 plus £1 per additional page and usually sent as PDFs. Not sure what they mean by this: "We do not have the facility to provide photographic quality prints." (Prints on photographic paper?)

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