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Discussion in '1940' started by chaz, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Checked the CWGC concentration reports ,unfortunately the CWGC in their wisdom have only placed `one` report online which only covers `some` of the casualties , and these appear to have been `moved` from another area of the same cemetery ? Interestingly enough they have `two unknowns` listed on this document?
    Perkins /Laband and Weston were confirmed dead in a list published in 1943, Christie in 1942 ,although in Christies case there is a `presumed to have died of his wounds` note of `on or since` 18th May 1940.

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    just getting back as returning next week. I see from the above posting Christie is named twice but there are 7 missing. they say row 6 but there are only two rows, must mean plots in cemetery.
    I see on the report for plot 6 Smith and Yewdall are noted as vacant. and Perkins is among the row 5 plot which appear on the missing 7 return on CWGC site

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