Varsity - crash site Horsa BF 473?

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by alberk, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. alberk

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    Can anyone help me with this one?
    In the background are Americans advancing on LZ "P" - an the top right corner of the original photo one can clearly make out a pylon of the high voltage power line crossing the LZ from south to northwest. The casualty is British and so are the remains of the glider. Horsa burnt.jpg

    This gives you an idea of the location of the power line:
    Power line.jpg
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  2. alberk

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    Here's the southern part of the power line crossing US LZ "N" and British LZ "P": power line south.jpg
  3. Alex1975uk

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    I’d guess the Americans are walking South East headed for their area
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  4. Alex1975uk

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    Could be close to the Kopenhof, there’s a aerial picture showing a glider clearly very very on fire. Big plume of smoke. The only other one I can think of is so where on LZ R which shows a big plume of smoke ( could be a building )
  5. alberk

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    Hi Alex1975uk - do you have the photo with the glider burning?

  6. Alex1975uk

    Alex1975uk Well-Known Member

    I do but it’s too large a file to send here. I’ll email it.
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  7. alberk

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    Horsa burnt.jpg

    I had a chance to visit the area and have a theory as to where it might be. On the photo one can see a pylon of the power line (top right corner). The power line is still there (the modern pylons are much larger, still large and small ones coexisting side by side in two parallel power lines. Nitrowski writes that the the Americans of 513 PIR used the power line as an orientation when they headed from LZ P towards their assigned objectives further south.

    Here's the area where I suspect the photo above was taken - I couldn't find the exact same angle (it was wet and the field was muddy yesterday), and, of course, this is just a suggestion. This is Westfeldweg:
    little house.jpg
    Westfeldweg is lined by the trees and roughly running from north (on the left of this picture) to the south (to the right).
    Below a view of Westfeldweg, looking south:
    Westfeldweg house.jpg

    power line south Kopie.jpg
    Plot of Landings charred glider.jpg
    I think we are talking about the glider indicated at the top of the area I encircled.
    This actually takes us back to the glider crash that killed Lt. Slade`s platoon of Devons - their Horsa was hit by AA fire from guns positioned in the area. Slade's glider is just to the left of the Horsa dot I marked here.
  8. alberk

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    The position of the charred glider would - according to my estimate and the map above - be 194474. As I am doing individual case researches for all 6 AB casualties during Operation Varsity I made a discovery - a soldier of the Devonshire Regiment who was killed on March 24th and buried in an isolated grave at 195473.
    I suppose that a connection is likely.
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  9. Cee

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    I removed my speculation on the identity of the dead soldier seen in photo for the time being until we find the best way forward. There is the possibility of mistaken identity as well which would also be controversial.

    Regards ...
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  10. alberk

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    Hello Cee,
    thank you for this information. I will write a PM to you.
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