VE/VJ 75th Anniversary Commemorations - 2020

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    Please spread the word !!

    Victory in Europe
    A special programme of events marking VE 75 will take place over the Early May Bank Holiday 2020 in Central London and has been designed to be of particular interest to all from the Second World War generation who served at home and overseas across the European theatre. Similar commemorations are expected to be reflected in communities across the nation.

    We are particularly pleased to announce that we plan to host 750 veterans from across the UK, each accompanied by a nominated companion, to attend the VE 75 events programme in Central London over the period 8-9 May 2020. Our invitation includes a fully funded plan for transport, meals and accommodation; veterans will travel to London courtesy of the National Rail Group on Thursday 7 May 2020 and return home on Sunday 10 May 2020.

    We encourage applications from all of those who contributed to victory in Europe 75 years ago, including spouses and civilians from reserved occupations across the UK and Commonwealth.

    Victory in Japan
    The Legion is therefore pleased to announce that in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) we will be funding the travel and accommodation costs for a series of tours for veterans of the Asia-Pacific campaign, as defined below, to key commemorative, and CWGC sites, across South and South East Asia.

    As part of this package travel and accommodation will also be provided for a nominated companion to accompany each veteran, and a comprehensive Legion care support package will be in place throughout the event programme to support veterans.

    This ambitious programme of activity has been developed with the kind support of a broad range of related UK veteran associations.
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    Looks like we will all have to pin our hopes on VJ Day and have a combined commemoration event. Fingers crossed.

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