Vehicle markings 30 Bn, Norfolk Regt, 2 Corps District 1943

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  1. badjez

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    Whilst nosing through the War Diary for 30 Norfolk(WO166/12638)I found the following comment dated 06.04.43.
    "76 Div inform Bn that vehicle markings will continue to be 2 Corps District Sign (white cat on Cambridge blue background, and number 871 on background of red over brown divided horizontally".

    I hope this might be of some use to someone.
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  2. idler

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    Thanks, Stephen. Red/Brown is an unusual combination. Do you know what role the battalion were in at the time?
  3. chrisgrove

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    Dick Taylor's tome on Warpaint, Vol 3, says that red over brown indicated Home Defence Units which would seem suitable. However, I have not come across a white cat on a Cambridge blue square for 2 Corps, or any District. Where was 2 Corps District?

  4. idler

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    Cole has 2 Corps District as two blue [Essex] seaxes with yellow hilts on a black shield with a yellow border. All his captions imply a lot of changes within the 'districts' which may be a combination of administrative areas and areas overseen by home defence formations that chopped and changed through the war.
  5. chrisgrove

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    I bow to your knowledge, Idler. I only have Howard Cole's first two books (Heraldry in War and Badges on Battledress) and neither mention that (or 2 Corps district). And the only seaxes are on the bottom half of a shield and on a red background!


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