Vietnam Veteran found living there 44 years on.

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by Owen, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Owen

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    I had a search to see if anyone mentioned this before.
    Haven't found anything.

  2. phylo_roadking

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    Owen, it's being discussed on the sister site ;) Generally, the posters discussing it are less than convinced...!
  3. Bernard85

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    good morning owen,yesterday, war veteran found living there 44 years on.if it is him he does not seem to want to go home,and nobody sems to give a d&a sample,altho I would have thought the army would have anough of his gear to take a sample for a d&a,a very interesting post.will you follow up,it would be good to get an outcome to this thread,regardsbernard85
  4. sandwichery

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  5. Owen

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    Cheers for that.
    What a ****.
  6. Smudger Jnr

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