Vietnam War Memorial, Seymour, Vic

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by kookaburra717, May 15, 2013.

  1. kookaburra717

    kookaburra717 judy7007

    If someone is able to photograph my husband's name (Trevor Rieck) on this memorial I would be most appreciative. I would also like a photo of the panel and also area shot if possible.
    Very many thanks
  2. spidge


    Hi Judy,

    100kms from my place but will see what I can do.


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  3. kookaburra717

    kookaburra717 judy7007

    Hi Geoff

    Many thanks indeed. Absolutely no hurry. Trevor's father also served in Vietnam so it would be great to have a photo of his name also. I'll need to post a bit more info to make the names easier to find on the panels. Will do so shortly.

  4. DaveB

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    You probably are already aware of the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll, but here is a link anyway

    It looks like your husband served on the HMAS Sydney - the Vung Tau Ferry - on some of it's voyages to / from Vietnam

    I'm guessing his dad was Flight Sergeant RIECK, Herbert Keith A13890 RAAF who served in Vietnam with 2SQN (Canberra Bombers) as a Motor Transport Fitter (I see he picked up a Mention in Despatches for his work over there - it's always good to see a ground crew member acknowledged for his work)

    You can print out certificates of service from the nominal roll links - another great service from DVA
  5. kookaburra717

    kookaburra717 judy7007


    Many thanks, yes, we've seen these. We've only just very recently become aware of the Seymour memorial - we've seen some photos and it looks to be quite impressive and in a very lovely setting.

    We know my husband's name (TK Rieck) is there (RAN, HMAS Sydney and/or 817 Squadron) - apparently some are mentioned twice if they served in 2 units) and no doubt his father's name is there - HK Rieck 2SQDN RAAF

    Thanks again

  6. 26delta

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    It is rather unfortunate that some of the soldiers killed in Vietnam are still not listed on the wall. One of the members of my unit was critically injured when the load of deck plate (for surfacing airstrips) shifted on the trailer he was towing and crushed the cab. He was airlifted from Cam Ranh Bay to Tokyo where he died. The injuries occurred in Vietnam, but the death occurred in Japan... Hence, no listing.

    I don't know how many others suffered this ignominious fate, but there were a few.
  7. kookaburra717

    kookaburra717 judy7007


    Trevor hadn't actually looked at the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll and it has been helpful to find out that his service with 817 squadron on HMAS Sydney in 1968 has not been noted. He has been in touch and it will be changed in August. Thank you for the link.


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