Waffen-SS , how many cm down the arm was the eagle worn ?

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  1. Owen

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    What do their dress regulations say on how far down the arm in centimetres the eagle was worn ?

    Add to that how many cm below the eagle was the rank chevron sewn on ?

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  2. Mr Jinks

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    9th SS Uniform Requirements

    The following are the wartime regulations for sewing on SS sleeve insignia:

    Sleeve eagle: 16cm down from the shoulder seam centered on the left arm.

    Rank chevrons or national shields (when worn in the early, upper-sleeve position) are to be placed 1.5cm
    below the sleeve eagle, centered.

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  3. Owen

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    Thanks Kyle. I did it by eye in the end after looking at loads of photos.
    Looks ok to me & matches up to those dimensions divided by 6. :)

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  4. Owen

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    Just added his EKII ribbon after son got figure dressed.
    Bit difficult to get real life fibres to bend as it they were 1/6th.
    Real life image to compare my best effort in 1/6th.

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