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    ...I will see Swiss comic artist Franz Zumstein today, he should be working on the fifth volume of his "Desert Hawk" series :)
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    Commando Comics July 2013

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    Out of interest I have started re-reading my reasonably large collection of 'picture library' books which I found that my father had hung onto. I think that the popular wisdom is that the early ones are very jingoistic and simplistic with stereotyped 'Gott I'm Himmel' Germans and ' Banzai' Japanese and that they became more sophisticated as they went along culminating in the 'Commando' books of today ranging over many different wars with protagonists of all nations and creeds. As ever, re-reading these early examples dating back to the 60s and early 70s reveals a slightly more complex picture. I'm not pretending that they rival 'War and Peace' but many of these comics are quite clearly often written by people with military experience (as of course they would be at the time) and include in passing a lot of accurate technical detail and jargon. While many of the plots are repetitive with stories based on raids by commandos, paratroopers, LRDG etc and often involving the redemption of the lead character after earlier mistakes, disaster or wrongly suspected cowardice some do have a bit more depth. I was surprised for example how many of the ones I have re-read have sympathetic enemy characters, often doctors (in one case a Japanese medic) or correct, honourable Wehrmacht officers contrasted with fanatical Nazis. The Allies are not always presented totally sympathetically. In one striking example the hero, the leader of an LRDG type group, eventually goes insane and has to be polished off by his 2i/c! I must admit that on the whole I have found the Fleetway books ('War' and 'Battle' Picture Libraries etc) better than the DC Thompson 'Commando' titles with superior stories and more variety. I know that that also goes against conventional wisdom!
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    Just been up into my mam and dads loft and found some good old comic books, from Valiant Picture1.jpg , victor Picture2.jpg ,Lion Picture3.jpg and also The Dandy,The Beano a few hours happy reading for me in the next week or so :lol:

    I will come back to inserting photos once I have resized the damn things.
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    Hi Wills,

    I found this LINK on Rocknet Ref Commando Comics..

    See http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/commando/44

    Are those Vickers Light Tanks on the cover of

    "Heading For Trouble"

    Commando Comic no 2151 ?

    And I cant believe the Rockape Officer wearing a Service Dress Hat (SD Hat) on the cover of

    "Arctic Convoy"

    Commando Comic no 2177 :)

    Regards, Mick D.

    PS If I've posted this info up before it's because of a very poor memory.

    Caused by holes in my head where the Rain gets in.

    The holes are very small that's why the Rain is very thin.

    "Spike Milligan"
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    Some time ago I saw photos of the Hornet version of the Lancashire fusilier story in Burma. Can't seem to find it now so if anyone has come across them, I would be interested in seeing them again.
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    Commando Comics 5000th issue
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