War diaries Italian regiments with British officers?

Discussion in 'REME/RAOC' started by hutchie, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. hutchie

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    I'm looking for a war diary I've come across mentioned in my grand fathers units war diary but it doesn't show on lees search engine, where would I find it

    The unit is 614 Italian port workshop, anyone know where I should look?
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    And old thread so just adding this for the record,

    Not Italian regiments but REME units:

    WO 170/3047 Port Workshops: 614 Workshop Italian 1943 Dec.- 1944 Dec.
    WO 170/6559 Port Workshops: 614 Workshop 1945 Jan.- Apr.

    and also this
    WO 170/8518 German Workshop Platoons: 614 Wksp Platoon 1946 Jan.- July
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