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    My father in law served in the British Army. William Percy Hill 6917847 1st Btn, Rifle Brigade. He was on leave at Sea Point in Capetown, November 1941, before being posted to the Western Desert. He was part of a 6 man team in a Bren Gun Carrier attached to the 7th Armoured Brigade as a tank spotter. He met Rommel in a field hospital. He was captured on 23 January 1942 at Antelat, and sent to a POW camp in Italy.
    I am new researching and am wondering if anyone can tell me if there may be War Diaries for either the 1st Btn Rifle Brigade, or the 7th Armoured Division for this time period. I am writing from Australia, so am unable to research at Kew myself.

    He had a couple of photos taken whilst on leave in Sea Point, Unfortuneatly I dont know his comrades in the photos. I know it is a long shot but does anyone know anyone in these photos?

    DocImage000000025.jpg This is William Percy Hill (probably known as Bob or Percy)

    DocImage000000026.jpg Bob is on the Right

    DocImage000000027.jpg Bob is on the left

    DocImage000000028.jpg Bob is on the left


    DocImage000000045.jpg Bob
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    Here's link to Lee's website search results ( member ''psywar.org'' on here)
    he can copy them for you for a fee .
    see his site for details.

    WO 166/4512 INFANTRY: 1 Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own).1939 Sept.- 1941 Sept.
    WO 167/813 1 Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)1940 May
    WO 169/1741 1 Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)1941 Sept.- Dec
    .WO 169/5054 1 Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)1942 Jan.- Dec.

    - See more at: http://arcre.com/wdsearch#sthash.4E52Zy1A.dpuf

    ps. I've edited thread title to include 1 Rifle Brigade
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    From 10 Jan 42 1st Rifle Brigade reverted to 1st Support Group under 1st Armoured Division. Prior to this they were working in columns with 7th Support Group. The columns were as follows:

    BARON - Lt.COl Ebbels M.C., 11 R.H.A.
    MACK - Lt.Col. MacCArthy, M.C. 76 A.Tk. Rgt.R.A.
    JAMES - Lt. Col. Bosville, 1 R.B.
    CHARLES - Lt. Col. Sismey, 2 K.R.R.C.

    Columns were structured in 1 Bty R.H.A. (or Field Arty), 1 Bty or Det. A.Tk., 1 tp L.A.A., 1 Coy Inf.

    23 January 1942 was a pretty bad stuff-up. 1st Support Group as a whole was not involved in a battle, but busy trying to put distance between itself and the Germans most of the day. While I do not have the war diary for 1st Rifle Brigade, 1st Support Group entry reads:

    Hope this helps.

    All the best

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    Thanks Owen and Andreas.
    I really appreciate your posts. As I am new to the research world, is there anything else that may have any information besides War Diaries?
    I do have his service record but it really doesnt give much information
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    Hi and welcome to the forum - I already have a few of the battalions war diaries so I'm happy to give you a quote. I've got the regimental history to if you want anything specific looking up.

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    I've just checked and I've also got the 7th Armoured Support Group's war diary covering 1942.

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    Another thing you should consider is checking to see if he completed a PoW Questionnaire. They are at the National Archives as well. only 40ish % of men completed them at the end of the war but there may be some interesting snippets in it if he did.

    Here's some of the pages from the regimental history leading up to his capture. The Rifle Brigade 1939-1945 by Hastings

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  8. Drew5233

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    Thank you so much Drew. I am really knew to all of this and really appreciate your imput. I have put another post in the POW section of the forum regarding my father in law. But you may be interested in his story which was posted on camp 59 survivors website. Unfortunately like most of the POW's he did not share much information and now is deceased. He does not seem to be listed on any escape lists so I am not sure whether there is a liberation/escape report for him.

    I would be very keen on obtaining copies from you, but am not sure what I would really need. As you have more experience in these things could you suggest any?
  10. Drew5233

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    I've sent you a Private Message with my email address

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