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  1. cally

    cally Picture Prince.

    Hi - I only seem to have this one.

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  2. bydand31

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    Many thanks.

    She looks post war, as survey vessel and in SA.

    Keep well, and keep posting

  3. hutchie

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    Thank you cally?
  4. fenner257

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    Hello Cally, I have been searching in vain for a picture of the SS Craigendoran which was torpedoed in 1917. My great uncle was lost in the event.

  5. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Also would you have the hms ness? By any chance?
  6. JanetMarsh

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    Hi Cally, I was wondering if by any chance you have photos of the two ships on which my father served in WW2 as he would be most interested to see them and to show his grandson. His first ship was the destroyer HMS Wolfhound. Apparently this ship had been in service since WW1 and had a join down the middle where some missile damage had been repaired. Dad described it as a rustbucket! His second ship was HMS Soul Bay. A much newer ship on which he served as a radar operator. Their role in WW2 was to escort and protect the Atlantic convoys
  7. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Photos of HMS Wolfhound on IWM website.


    HMS WOLFHOUND. © IWM (FL 21753)IWM Non Commercial Licence

    THE BRITISH ARMED FORCES IN NORTHERN IRELAND, 1920 - 1980. © IWM (HU 107199)IWM Non Commercial Licence

    THE ROYAL NAVY IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR. © IWM (Q 75643)IWM Non Commercial Licence
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  8. Warlord

    Warlord Veteran wannabe

    Upper front turret in the uppermost picture seems to have twin guns instead of the single ones in the other two illustrations. What kind of ordnance is it? Why the change? New role for the can?
  9. JanetMarsh

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    Thanks so much for the great Wolfhound pictures. I have printed them off for my Dad. He will be thrilled.
  10. vespa100

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    I found this photo at the bootsale can anyone name her please.

  11. Ron Stilwell

    Ron Stilwell New Member

    This photograph was bought in Canterbury, and appears to be a destroyer in Dover Harbour. The tug is a Dover Harbour Board tug. I can't identify the destroyer, no matter how hard I try. I wonder if it is not British as the sailors don't seem uniformed quite right.

    Anyone who wants a copy of this please feel free. Dover Warship.jpg
  12. Ron Stilwell

    Ron Stilwell New Member

    I wonder if this is the Achilles or Cochrane, of the Warrior class cruiser. About 1907.
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  13. vespa100

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  14. SDP

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    Anyone any idea what has happened to Cally who started this thread and has provided so much incredible information. Hasn't signed on since last August.
  15. Ron Stilwell

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    I thought of the Shannon, but I could only see 4 secondary armament turrets. Now I look again, maybe there's a fifth there.....
  16. Mike L

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    SDP, I have been worried about cally too. He has been AWOL a few times with illness.

    I asked a question on World Naval Ships Forums, where cally was a moderator, and have not received a reply yet.

    Hope he is OK, top guy.
  17. Zoey

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    Hello.. a bit new at all this.. does anyone have a pic of HMS Raven? Ive seen victorious and Ark Royal but havent found Raven. Apparently it was used for training? Thank you :)

    Also if my Great Uncle Clive died on feb 1942 during the norway/icleand campaigns does anyone know where else he may have gone? Would he have seen action in Malta? Being a leading airman gunner would he have had knowledge on piloting the plane as well?
  18. Tony56

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  19. 64 LAA R.A.

    64 LAA R.A. Member

    Right Guys

    I am looking for a picture of SS Samdak (if that is correct because War Diary is pretty illegible) Dad was in 191 LAA Battery 64 LAA Regiment and they were shipped from Taranto to Naples aboard HMS Worcestershire October 1944, but diaries mention vehicles etc shipped aboard SS Samdak. Writing up his war record and I am including pictures to make it more interesting.

  20. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    If it's the ship renamed Ledbury, there are a few images on the web. Do a google image search for SS Samdak.

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