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    I'll do some digging (purely to satisfy my curious mind). Would like to have seen it if it were still there. I can only assume it must now be a private house or have disappeared completely, which is a real shame. A lot of Bassingbourn barracks has changed but it's still very recognisable as it once was.
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    Blue Boar Aldbourne,Wiltshire.

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    I took these photographs tuesday 06-01-15. This is at the junction of Bedford road, off Fourth Cross road, Twickenham, London.
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    <I lived in Bassingbourn from 2010 until last summer (husband was posted there), I can not for the life of me think of where this pub is. I wonder if it still stands, and I just missed it. A shame if it's no longer there. I loved living on Bassingbourn barracks with the history of it all.>

    The Reason you could not find the Flying Fish at Bassingbourn, is because it was never there.

    It is in Carbrooke, Watton, Norfolk, nr the airfield.

    Still there.
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    The Good Intent, Southend Road, Hornchurch was frequented by air and ground crew from RAF Hornchurch. There used to be a good display of memorobilia in the bar but I think that has now gone.
    At one point during WW2 the airfield virtually surrounded the pub and access could only be gained through the airfield perimeter fence.
    The pub sign, a Spitfire, can be seen on the left in this picture.

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    A pub/bar sign based on my grandfather not sure where it is but thought I would put it up to add to the thread.


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    Here it is today.
    Sadly still shut thanks to the continuing lockdown .

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    Does anyone have any information on Shepherds Tavern Shepherds Market, Mayfair London? According to Geoffrey Page in "Shot down in Flames" and a conversation with Neville and Gwen Duke on Battle of Britain Sunday 2000 this was the unofficial Fighter Command bar in London. If flying was scrubbed pilots based near London might hire a bus to London where this was the RV in the red light district.

    I was told that it became a custom for pilots posted overseas to sign their names with a candle or whatever on ceiling of the bar. The ceiling was then painted over in the 1970s when the owners or managers became fed up with tourists who visited but did not spend money. I used to have the documentation to support this on my PC - three PCs ago. I can't find it now.

    Can anyone help? This is worth digging because there is a chance to shame the pubco into restoring the ceiling if we can prove it is there
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