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    Hi Ronald

    My dad has sent me what he has of the image (he’s still trying to trace who has the full image it’s taking a while!) Anyway, not a massive improvement but there are 5 faces in there in case you recognise any of them... here’s hoping you might as I’ve hit a bit of a wall!

    Thanks as always,

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    Have just added some more photos of liberation of Antwerp to website (France to Germany - 8th Rifle Brigade). It now shows Harkness' photos and my own collection of 25 photos, most of which I believe were taken on 23rd Hussars' and H Company 8th Rifle Brigade's route through the city (as indicated on attached GSGS 4420 map).

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    Hello Louise,

    I am not too good at recognizing faces but I had hoped I might have recognized an officer or sergeant on the full photo. Here I can distinguish no badges of rank however. You might have a go and see if you recognize any individuals on the group photo page of the website (Group photos - 8th Rifle Brigade), or I could give it a try if maybe later you find the full photo.

    Good luck with your search, Ronald.
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    I was contacted through my website by the daughter of the 8th Rifle Brigade veteran pictured below. On her behalf: can anyone tell me to which medals he would have been entitled? Or how this can be found out? He served in Europe (France to Germany) from June 1944 to May 1945. I do not know when he was enlisted (he was born on 22/8/1925).

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    All details will be in his Service Records available from the MOD Glasgow.
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    The 8th Rifle Brigade website is starting to take shape. Some 18 pages now, on battalion members, history and organisation and with photos, film and audiotapes. I also start to get response from relatives of battalion members, now and then resulting in brief biographical sketches on individual members of 8th Rifle Brigade, such as the one below. You can find them on Members of the Bn. - 8th Rifle Brigade - Rfn. John Petrie.jpg
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    Had a look the other day Ronald and it’s looking great!

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