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    That's a fascinating photo of your dad and Comrades. I need to check but I'm quite sure 3RTR converted to Churchill Crocodiles in late 1945....and those chaps are wearing RTR Cap Badges. Any idea as to the date that photo was taken? It would also provide a plausible explanation as to why the 79AD marking is covered if, for example, they had only just taken over the tank from Depot (if I'm correct it would have been issued from the Hamburg Autobahn Vehicle Park - I forget its formal VP Number).
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    SDP, hi , I've not got a date but any clues as to when would help . I've always assumed that 3rd stuck to Comets after giving up their Shermans I've got some phots of his Firefly after it was hit by 2 AP shots in Belgium, naturally it caught fire and all 4 bales out and were POW for 24 hours until Sherwood's came across them and the Germans surrendered Tensions were high because some Belgium White Army had been killed in cold blood at a farm
    When he was BAOR B Sqn were at Suderstapl and have got some phots there He was discharged mid 1947
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    Michel , I looked up LST 72 on Google images and quickly found an aerial photo of it with others on Omaha Beach "after the invasion" Would this probably be LTIN 2918?
    I have asked the question to the US based LST Association .I know you were trying to tie these numbers up previously,regards Adam

  4. Adam,

    US LST 72 might possibly be LTIN 2918, and your dad was possibly on LTIN 2918. Not as positive as probably I'm afraid! But he might instead have been on another LTIN listed as carrying other elements of W DGNS, or even one not listed or listed later than the date of the latest available landing table.

    The "aerial" photo you're referring to was actually taken from the bluffs over OMAHA :)

    The same scene was filmed from one of the LSsT on the beach. Here's one screen grab from that (colour) film:

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    Thanks Michel, as you rightly say there has to be some conjecture and balanced assumption in this type of research with reservations etc
    If the US LST Assn come up with anything useful I will share it Regards A
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    Hello All, my great uncle was Tpr Francis Henry Downs of C Sqn, Westminster Dragoons. He was killed on 3 Nov 1944 in Holland. Not sure whether he went ashore on D Day but he was in 3 Troop with Lt Pear when he died.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Question solved. Got his service record over the weekend. It notes Embarked UK for NWE 3 Jun 44. Pretty sure now he was there on the day.
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    Have you received a reply from the USA LST Association? I've tried to contact them several times over the years but to no avail.
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    I trust I am not hijacking this thread. From other posts you will see that I am currently researching Capt. Ernest George Howe MBE. Capt Howe entered service with the RTC/RTR and prior to commission became the RSM with the Westminster Dragoons. He was commissioned in 1940 so it would be just prior to that date. I am currently seeking a photo of him and wonder if there are any Westminster Dragoons experts out there who may have one in their collection.


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