What exact date was David Stirling captured?

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by Matt5100, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Does anyone have the exact date of capture for Stirling in Tunisia? I know it’s January 1943, but just wondering about the day, can’t seem to find that..

    My grandfather was 30/12/1942 for suspected and also confirmed PoW reports 1st Welch attached to 1 SAS.. seems pretty close potentially.

    I’ve ordered both war diaries so hopefully they can shed more light.
  2. alieneyes

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    23 January 1943. He then makes a run only to be recaptured on the 24th.
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    Lovely thanks
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    Hi Matt,

    Carol Mather and his crew were captured in December 1942. I couldn't find an exact date but I suspect it was towards the end of the month from the context of other events happening at the time.

    Regards ...
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  5. Matt5100

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    20th December apparently.. I just read about it after seeing your post as I hadn’t heard of him. Thank you
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    Thanks Charley
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    Not capture related, but a footnote from incarceration, From "DETOUR - THE STORY OF OFLAG IVC" published 1946.

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