Woman's Land Army Casualty Records

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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if there would be any records of Land Army Girls that may have been killed and where to find them or are they under the CWGC Umbrella?

    An account from my grandad who was a Artillery Gunner.

    "We were down in Exeter during the first half of the war when we spotted a Jerry plane starting to stoop. He came hedge hopping over the fields so low you could see the pilot's face. There were 3 Land Army Girls in the field and he dropped his load on them. He didn't get away though as he didn't see our bofors gun hiding in the trees.

    I've never forgiven that pilot!"

    Ron Tidbury, 2004.

    I think (without delving into boxes of paperwork) that I've found a rough match in the war diaries for his unit concerning a downing of a plane by the bofors. Will have to dig it out.

    But is there a database of these girls or shall I just type the date in question into CWGC site?


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    If you have a date then it will enable you to look up CWGC for casualties on that date

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