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  1. Jonathan Ball

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    It went to my Mum as next of Kin. If memory serves me correctly it came with a rather nice accompanying letter. I don't recall any slips but I'll check and let you know.
  2. geoff501

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    Father-in-law's GSM and clasps for Palestine and SE Asia was issued a couple of years ago, after we asked about his medal entitlement. It had not been previously issued. It arrived engraved with number, rank, name and regiment.
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  3. Reid

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    I was (again) looking at the eligibility for medals from the MOD this week, and note that they state "no more than 5 stars can be awarded to any serviceman" - clasps would be awarded for the extra stars. I notice however, that the Arctic Star seems to be the "odd man out", and wondered how this would be awarded if a serviceman had already been awarded the following stars:

    39-45 Star
    Atlantic Star
    Burma Star
    Italy Star
    Africa Star

    They do state the following: "General: eligibility to the Arctic Star has no effect upon eligibility for World War 2 recognition previously awarded and does not suggest automatic eligibility for any further awards."

    Is this saying that in such an instance a 6th star will be awarded? Or do they have another option for The Arctic Star? (It was something I wondered about when it was first announced that The Arctic Star would be awarded, but forgot to ask back then.)
  4. dbf

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    My understanding is - yes.
    If someone is eligible they will get the Arctic Star, even if it exceeds the limit imposed at the time the original stars were created - there is no representative clasp for it to add to a ribbon on other stars, nor would clasps from other theatres be worn on the arctic star ribbon. In other words it's a 'stand-alone extra' with none of the criteria complications presented by e.g. Burma and Pacific Stars/clasp.
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  5. bamboo43

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    That is how I understand it too.
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  6. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Great guys, thanks for the info.
    Knew someone here would have the answers!! :biggrin:
  7. Mr Jinks

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    The Defence Medal (How it could have looked)

    The designs for the medals are well documented but what about the designs which did not make the final cut .The Defence Medal for instance had circumstances been different may have looked like this;-


    Attached Files:

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  8. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Thanks for the link - really interesting to see this; perhaps it being too "London centric" was a reason for it not being selected?

    I do appreciate the design's concept and his thinking behind it, but feel that the design chosen as the winner, better represents the United Kingdom being victorious. It was a war that touched the entire nation - not only London felt the force of nightly bombings etc.

    That being said, the winning design is a little bland - not sure how it could have been made more "stirring", but it does keep with the reserved and subtle look of the Campaign Stars and War Medal which is a plus when worn together.

    Think I'll need to see if I can find all the designs put forward - heraldry and design are a guilty pleasure that I enjoy immensely. Will be *very* interesting to see if at all possible. :biggrin:
  9. bamboo43

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    Two additional and fairly rare examples of medal entitlement and condolence slips:

    Firstly, the slip as given by the Colony of Singapore.

    Colony of Singapore award slip copy.jpg

    Secondly, a condolence slip for war service in Malaya.

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  10. dbf

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    From WO 162/205
    Sub. No: 1017
    Subject: Medals.

    Ref War Office Circular Memorandum B.M. 311/43 A.G.1 (Records) dated 29 January 1944.

    Officers i/c Records will not issue medal ribbon to the next-of-kin of deceased soldiers. Ribbon will be issued with the stars on the conclusion of hostilities and inquiries will be answered accordingly.

    B.M. 311/43 A.G.1 (Records)
  11. faubourg

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    I was wondering if there was for the WW2 an equivalent of the medal index cards of WW1 and if so, are we having to wait to get a look at them ,ie 100 rule or some such ?
    There are so many varieties of qualifications, unless we are lucky enough to find a relative with the actual medals, there seems to be no way round it. Even that is not safe since more than a few families have got a mixed up set of medals.
  12. James Harvey

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    Each branch still have them

    The only one on line is the merchant naval card available to TNA
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  13. dbf

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    I've repaired broken links and images on this thread; fit for purpose again, I hope. Please let me know if I've missed anything.
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    Thanks Diane. Everything looks ok to me.
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