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    I would appreciate any information I can get please. My father served with the RA at Anzio in 1944 but before he got there he was drafted to the X-List (field) and then to the Middle East from Aug-Dec 1943. I cannot trace the port of embarkation in England or his whereabouts during these three months in the ME. Where there any large transit camps for X-List personnel in the ME at the end of 1943?

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    Hi PW

    Are you aware if your Father was ill during this time. The only reference to the X-List that I know of is where personnel are admitted to or discharged from Hospital.

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    Pete -
    as Ramacal states - the X list was for hospitalised or otherwise unemployed people - not in regular service for that peiod -

    you may be getting confused with the term "Middle East" as this usually pertained to Eqypt - - Tunisia - wheras Algeria was BNAF and Italy as CMF.

    The main embarcation port for the MEF to CMF was Tripoli - and from BNAF to CMF was around the Bone ( Annaba) area..
    the embarcation area fro the Uk was usually from Liverpoll first - then to Greenock for convoy assembly - then outwards

    His service records will give you all you want to know

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