Yank Magazine 1945 - G.I.'s in the Sack!

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    The final score speaks for itself!!

    An estimated 30,000 Canadian War Children were born of unions between Canadian servicemen and unwed, single women in Britain and Europe during and immediately after the Second World War.
    The most famous Canadian War Child is legendary rock-blues guitarist, Eric Clapton, who found out in March, 1998 that his father, Edward Fryer, was a Canadian soldier from Montreal.
    Most Canadian War Children, (22,000+), were born in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, reflecting the length of time Canadian soldiers were stationed in the UK between 1939 and 1946.

    It is estimated that there are at least 23,000 War Children of American soldiers as well.

    I can't comment on the quality of those 30,000 'unions' but we seem to have had an edge in fertility!:lol:
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    I think whoever wrote the summary of that article has misinterpreted the language a little. 'Love-making' generally meant something quite a bit milder in 1945 than it does today.

    Best, Alan

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