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    A study in random storage.
    I could fill 3 more of these with what is stored in boxes, even with a recent culling of the herd. I hope to empty those next year when we expect to be in a new house. A wall of bookcases is in the cards.

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    Quiet sunday afternoon ?.......I know, I'll photograph all the bookcases !

    WP_20200426_13_02_40_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_02_54_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_03_46_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_04_08_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_04_28_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_19_23_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_20_10_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_20_52_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_21_15_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_21_39_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_22_11_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_22_17_Pro.jpg
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    Part Deux!

    WP_20200426_13_23_34_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_23_42_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_23_54_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_24_27_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_28_48_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_27_08_Pro.jpg

    Not forgetting the ones on the desk -readily to hand
    WP_20200426_13_26_29_Pro.jpg WP_20200426_13_26_25_Pro.jpg

    And the stack that collects by my side of the sofa.

    (OK, admittedly they're not all WW2 related)
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    Is that all. Is there room for a bed? :D
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    See post below:
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    OK here we go, I selected the bookshelves containing (military) history books: the others are occupied by travel guides and cooking books (my wife's) :rolleyes:. In general a mix of Dutch, German, French and English books (and one Italian ... who sees it!).

    The bookshelves in my living room:
    boekenkast 1.jpg
    boekenkast 2.jpg
    boekenkast 3.jpg
    boekenkast 4.jpg
    Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings - how England was invaded by the Vikings :huh:

    boekenkast 5.jpg
    Robert de Bruce and the Wars of Scotland ... "Freeedom!" ... ;). Jonathan Sumption The Hundred Years war - how England invaded France and got beaten.

    boekenkast 6.jpg
    Though it did take me almost a life-time, I got all the volumes of the US Army in WW2: European Theater of Operations, from the Normandy beaches all the way to the heart of Germany. The two volumes of Ellis and a photocopied copy of Stacey's "Victory Campaign" (not on the pictures) make it complete.

    boekenkast 7.jpg
    The 19th Century battles also have nu attention. Last year started reading about the American Civil War ... after finishing three books on the Prussian wars against Denmark 1864 ... Austria 1866 and France 1870. An interesting period with much military developments.

    boekenkast 12.jpg
    The book on Battle tanks of WW2 also is special. Its a signed copy I got from Ken Tout with whom I spent three days in the Ardennes, visiting the sites where the Northhamptonshire Yeomanry had been active during the Bulge. The German book "Die Luftlanding" also is a signed copy from the author. I visited him many years ago at Hamminkeln to interview men of the 6th Airborne Division for a study on the Brits in the Ardennes.

    boekenkst 16.jpg
    boekenkast 17.jpg
    Stenton - how the Anglo-Saxons invaded England and won ...

    boekenkast 18.jpg
    boekenkast 19.jpg
    boekenkast 20.jpg
    Hastings 1066 - how France invaded Anglo Saxon England and won :surr:

    My upstairs bookshelves:
    boekenkast 8.jpg
    I'm really proud of Tom Renouf's "Black Watch", a signed gift from the author with whom I traveled to the Rhine, the Ardennes and Reichswald (together with the veterans of the Highland Division). As a result of my activities with the Highland veterans I'm also mentioned in Salmonds latest edition of the History of the 51st Highland Division, which stands next to it :cheers:.

    boekenkast 9.jpg
    boekenkast 14a.jpg
    The battle for the Elsenborn Ridge, Ardennes 1944 (Krinkelt - Rocherath; Battle Babies; Against the Panzers) is the operation I thoroughly researched in the past. This battle in the NE-corner of the Ardennes, featuring the 1st SS and 12th SS Pz.Divs, resembles the armoured battles in Normandy, but a lot closer to home ... ;)

    boekenkast 11.jpg
    The small soft cover Bantam edition of Charles B. MacDonald's "Company Commander" is a cherised book. I bought it in 1982 and it is almost falling apart now. The book triggered my attention to WW2; soon afterwards his "Time for Trumpets: the untold story of the Battle of the Bulge" came out. I bought the hard cover edition, which is on the bookshelf in my living room, and almost I literally read it to pieces. Once I could afford it I bought his "Siegfried Line Campaign" and also Hugh M. Cole's "The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge". I was a real 'Ardennes-nut' before I started with the Rhineland battles.

    boekenkast 13.jpg
    Also special are the History of the 13/18th Hussars and 'The First and the Last'. A gift from the sister of Bill Baxendale. Her brother Bill, a Sherman tank driver, was killed at the villlage of Megchelen together with the rest of the crew on 28 March 1945. We visited the site of his field grave two years ago. The book had belonged to her father, who was devastated by the loss of his only son.

    A small pile on my office desk:
    boekenkast 15.jpg
    Blumenson's 'Salerno to Cassino' is my most recent acquisition ... and I love it, though Montgomery and his Eight Army are not getting off well. For balance, I immediately ordered Brigadier C.J.C. Molony's "The mediteranean and Middle East, Vol V., The Campaign in Sicily 1943 and the Campaign in Italy 3rd September 1943 to 31st March 1944". Others that are still en route: Fisher, "Cassino to the Alps", Howe, George F, "Northwest Africa: seizing the initiative in the west" and Albert N. Garland, "Sicily and the Surrender of Italy." All from the series: "The Mediterranean Theater of Operations. United States Army in World War II".

    To my shock I discovered that I have 12 books on Operation Market-Garden (much more than I thought) ... o_O
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    As I have 28 bookcases spread over eight rooms I've decided not to bother photoing
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    Tolbrooth, I saw a good collection of Iain Banks' books on your shelves - he was such a good writer!
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    Very pleased to see so many Canadian authors represented. Particularly No Holding Back by Brian Reid and the Guns trilogy by the late George Blackburn.

    A dearth of Osprey Men-at-Arms type books... or are those considered a guilty pleasure and kept hidden?

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