Lt Miles,25th Dragoons with unidentified comrades,Arakan Burma 1944 outside Lee Grant tank harbour.

Lt Eric Miles,Troop 4 leader,B Squadron,25th Dragoons at left.I wonder who the other two were?

Lt Miles,25th Dragoons with unidentified comrades,Arakan Burma 1944 outside Lee Grant tank harbour.
richardmiles, Apr 27, 2014
    • Bernard85
      good day richardmiles,april miles 25th dragoons with unidentified comrades.arakan burma,1944.he lived a fine long life,regards bernard85
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    • richardmiles
      A new book has been published on the Battle of the Admin Box. I came across it at an airport WHSmith, when my flight was delayed. It's Burma '44 by James Holland. A really good read and I got goose bumps when I saw that my father, Eric Miles is mentioned. some reworking of the books written by Tom Grounds and John Leyin, who were in my father's Troop, but well written and at last some recognition of this little known battle and the part that the tanks of the 25th Dragoons played in achieving the first defeat of the Japanese in Burma.
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    • richardmiles
      I note that the author of Burma '44 mentions that officers were required to wear long trousers. Could it be that the other two were nco's in charge of the other two tanks. I had often wondered why he wore long trousers in the photos.
    • James and Nicola Clayton
      Hi Richard, we have been trying to research my wife's grandad in the Second World War, who was in Burma. We believe the man on the right hand side of the photograph is my wife Nicola's Grandad his name was Walter Brown. He lived in Sheffield. He joined the Yorkshire & Lancaster 10th Battalion before they were redesignated to the Royal Armed Corps as the 50th Indian tank bridage. Walter was a tank driver.
      Do you have any more information you could share with us as we have only just started looking and would like to know more about his time in Burma as he would never talk about it.
      Look forward to your reply
      Many thanks James and Nicola Clayton
    • BritishMilitaryHistory
      If anyone is interested, I have prepared the orders of battle for the three armoured formations that fought in North-East India and Burma, and written a concise history of the 50 Indian Tank Brigade. They are available, free to download, on my website: or by contacting me at I have spoken with James, and it is a privilege to be able to assist him and his family. Wonderful story.
    • richardmiles
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