New Resource Landing Table - 3 Canadian Infantry Division Brigade Groups 1.0

JUNO Landing Table - April 1944

  1. Michel Sabarly
    This is the transcription of the D Day Landing Tables for Force "J", made up of the Landing Tables for each of the three Canadian Brigade Groups as follows:

    7 Cdn Inf Bde Gp Landing Table – dated 14 April 1944
    8 Cdn Inf Bde Gp Landing Table – dated 13 April 1944
    9 Cdn Inf Bde Gp Landing Table – dated 13 April 1944

    No Amendments are included.

    Source: WO 219/3412A – Operation Overlord: coastal loading facilities, loading and embarkation programmes and allocation of ships. Loading tables for 7, 8 and 9 Canadian Infantry Brigades

    The usual word of caution applies here too: this is an early version of the Landing Table, and represents what was being planned as of 13-14 Apr 44. Amendments were allowed - and were issued - until 20 May, and additional last-minute changes did happen between 20 May and D Day.

    Since I started transcribing these tables, more recent versions have surfaced (dated 2 May 44, with a number of later amendments also available), which involved some major changes such as deletion of some LTINs and addition of new ones, plus changes in loads. These more recent Landing Tables will be transcribed in due course.

    File format is Excel 97/2003 for broader compatibility. Please read sheet "Guide" first. Sheet "Filter" is especially useful for extracting specific data by whatever combination of criteria you choose.

    Comments, corrections, suggestions & additions welcome, especially missing LTIN/Hull numbers matches, as well as AoS serials.
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  1. 8igh3@d
    Version: 1.0
    paraphrasing Eisenhower - 'A plan is useless, planning is indispensable' and this and later changes go to show how planning evolved and ultimately worked.