New Resource Topographic & Town/City Maps 2022.1

WW2 era Allied maps

  1. More maps added.

    Richard Lewis
    1000+ new links, mostly India & Adjacent Countries (from Zenodo) and Palestine/Egypt area from the National Library of Israel.

    With the end of support for Adobe Flash Player, British Library maps are no longer viewable with the old link. A second link which enables Dezoomify to be used has been added.
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  2. 2000+ New Links

    Richard Lewis
    • New links are mainly Far East.
    • Maps for countries such as Afghanistan, Burma, Iran and Iraq using the 'India and Adjacent Countries' grid system now all listed under 'India and Adjacent Countries'.
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  3. 500+ New links

    Richard Lewis
    More links added, including:

    •India and Burma 1:126,720

    •France, Bogus Maps of Normandy

    Additions are marked !!!NEW!!!
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  4. 4000+ more links added.

    Richard Lewis
    More links added; mainly Italy, Germany and East Indies.
    Additions since last version marked !!!NEW!!!


    p.s. Why did I ever start this? :screwy:
  5. Updated links.

    Richard Lewis
    Polish Military Geographical Institute (WIG) links updated.
    Thanks Frank!