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  1. maximus

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    Can anyone tell me why my grandfather was `posted 4 BEF` on 30/5/40, then `posted on BEF` 13/6/40, when he was in France from September 1939 to 12th June 1940? He was with the RASC.
    Also, where were 1AA bde coy while they were in France?
    Any help would be brilliant!!
  2. Drew5233

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    What RASC units was he with in France and the dates with them please?

    Regarding 1st Anti-Aircraft Brigade:

    Prior to the start of operations (10th May) the brigade was deployed to protect the frontier and corps areas of I and II Corps. Once operations began under Plan D the role of the brigade was to protect the headquarters of I and II Corps, the ammunition, supply and petrol roadheads of the corps and bridges at Brussels, Hal, Ath, Alost, Denderleew and Herzele.
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  4. Drew5233

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    I gave up trying to understand service records years ago. He should have been back in the UK around the end of May as the final units in the brigade left Dunkirk on the 2nd June. The units war diary below will probably hold more clues, unfortunately I don't have a copy of this file yet.

    WO 167/425 1 Anti-Aircraft Brigade Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) Company Sep 1939-Jun 1940
  5. maximus

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    Thanks Drew, might have to order a copy of the unit's war diary....
  6. Rich Payne

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    I've had a look at the service records. Both of the BEF references appear to state "Ex-BEF"

    On 30/5/1940 he is shown as ITC R WARW which would be Infantry Training School Royal Warwickshire Regt. as a Driver.

    I suspect that the 13/6/40 entry should actually read 13/7/40, based on the fact that there is a July date above it.

    Obviously, chaos and harassed clerks were the order of the day in May /June 1940.

    It's not clear why he's shown as BEF until 12/6/1940 or why there are two entries as '"Ex-BEF'....it could be that the R Warw reference was incorrectly added and didn't relate to him or that the order was immediately cancelled and he was shown as BEF until he rejoined his original unit.
  7. maximus

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    Thanks Rich,
    I wonder if he was rescued from Le Havre during Operation Cycle, as the dates tally, instead of being taken off Dunkirk.
    I'm told by family that he was reported as missing at that time, which would explain him not arriving back home with the rest of the BEF.

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