1 PRU Spitfire PR.IV Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) HATCHWELL, JOHN BURKE (1915-1941)

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    I've successfully traced nieces and cousins of F/L Hatchwell, I wonder of anyone has the 1 PRU ORB for the period of Nov/December 1941 ?

    Service No: 91002
    Additional information: Son of David V. B. Hatchwell and Daisy Hatchwell.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

    Spitfire PR.IV (AA792);
    FF 13-9-41 1PRU 13-9-41 Missing from PR mission to Brest 7-12-41

    He is the only CWGC grave in the cemetery at ST CAST. Possibly his body was washed ashore .It would be good to know what the purpose of his PRU mission was , perhaps supporting the bombing of Scharnhorst and Gneisneau ?
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    a quick snippet about RAF Benson attached.

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    Many thanks CL1 and Tricky Dicky, fascinating reading re 1 PRU and the possibility in the Reserche site that we have a Luftwaffe claim for this Spitfire

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