100 HAA Regiment, RA, 1940-43

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    79 HAA Regt RA were in Rimini from Oct 44 so him being there too would make sense. 79 HAA Regt RA were in 12 Anti-Aircraft Brigade in Eighth Army.

    Their task was to protection major communications centres, supply and fuel dumps and big headquarters. The Allied campaign stalled just beyond Rimini at the end of Sep 44 and Rimini was an important location for command and supply.


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    I am taking a small group to Cassino on 11-14 May 23 if you would like to see exactly what he endured.


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    My father was also craftsman in the REME with a HAA Regt in North Africa from 1942-1944.

    He was part of the 94th HAA Workshops, REME.

    Establishment was 2 x Officers, 1 x WO, 3 x S/Sgts, 4 x Sgts, 5 Cpls, 5 L/Cpls and 42 Privates (Craftsmen).

    Plus 2 x ACC cooks.

    Total 64.

    Hope this helps


  4. Dear Frank

    Unfortunately I'll be examining A level students during that period. We did offer to take dad back but he didn't want to return. I'm fortunate to have a close family link who is Italian and lives in Rome. When I'm there next hopefully I'll get the opportunity to visit.
  5. Many thanks Gus, that's very interesting information. I've got quite a task now to read and scan all his letters before depositing them in the County archives, along with his diaries and other documents. If I come across anything further I'll post it.

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    Cassino is only 90 minutes south of Rome so you should pop down if you get the chance. Just seeing how the monastery dominates the entire valley for miles will get you to appreciate the size of the challenge that the Allies faced.



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