113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery. Following their journey through Europe

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  1. Nick P

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    What a fantastic post. The diary is particularly fascinating, which I shall read in full later. My Grandfather was in the 113th and I thought I would see if I could find out exactly when and where he was especially with D-Day very much in the news.

    I always remembering him saying they were frustrated not to be in the invasion action earlier - but they made up for it later. He was a commercial signwriter before/after the war and upon the liberation of Belsen he produced all the signs to inform the world of the camp via the cine films made.

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  2. Nick P

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    Fabulous - I was able to locate my Grandfather's movements. He always said around D-Day they all just wanted "to get off that bloody boat!" He was onboard for days - in the post D-Day storm, anchored around Juno and Sword, with food supplies dwindling - although who was eating in Force 6 and 7 storms? Could I please ask if you have 27th and 28th June, which seems to be missing from the diary.
  3. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    I've checked the file. I must have missed a page. My apologies.
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  4. John Shepherd

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    I have just started out trying to trace my father's route through from Juno Beach to Belsen with the 113th Light A A Unit. He was Walter Ernest Arthur Shepherd (for short called Jack!) Have found your upload of Unit War Diaries to Nov 1944 miraculous! Many thanks. I have two questions: (1) did you secure the remaining War Diaries to Belsen and discharge and (2) is there any way of finding out any more detail on where he might have been in a smaller unit e.g. company?
    Best wishes,

    John Shepherd
  5. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Since my post on 30 Jun 17 now have 100/103 AA Bde War Diaries so need to make some changes/additions

    113th (2nd/5th Durham Light Infantry) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA
    8 May 45 – 100th Anti-Aircraft Brigade RA attached 103rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade RA command 2nd Army
    RHQ: Bergen-Belsen
    23 May 45 – relieved by 102 Control Section – to Bergen-Lohheide Kaserne
    24 May 45 – Hamburg-Harburg harbour area – returns to 100th Anti-Aircraft Brigade RA now 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division
    25 May 45 – Travemünde area north-east of Lübeck for rest and recuperation
    1 Jun 45 – Timmendorfer Strand north-east of Lübeck
    368 Battery – Bad Schwartau north-east of Lübeck
    369 Battery – Israelsdorf north-east of Lübeck
    370 Battery – Israelsdorf north-east of Lübeck
    6 Jun 45 – attached 8th Armoured Brigade command 30th Corps formed 30th Corps District 11 Jun 45
    RHQ: Ronnenberg south-west of Hannover
    368 Battery – North Ronnenberg
    369 Battery – Ronnenberg
    370 Battery – Seelze north-west of Hannover
    18 Jun 45 – handed in guns and converts to Occupational War Establishment
    6 Aug 45 – 8th Armoured Brigade
    29 Oct 45 – 306th Infantry Brigade RA of 51st (Highland) Infantry Division
    RHQ: Bad Pyrmont or Hameln (awaiting brigade war diaries)
    23 Feb 46 – disbandment order received
    4 Mar 46 – disbanded

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine
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    Hi all,
    I have just joined this post and was fascinated to read through the War Diaries. I believe that my Grandfather, Sgt Arthur Roberts 1516030 served with 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Within the family we know that he was at Belsen but for understandable reasons he never spoke about it with my mum or her brother and sister.

    If anyone has access / copies of the the war diaries for 1945 I be very grateful if they could upload them to the post.

    Many thanks

    Simon Chapman
  7. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    Just some relevant facts about Sgt Arthur Roberts.
    First name(s) Arthur
    Last name Roberts
    Service number 1516030
    Rank Sergeant
    Service Royal Artillery
    Event year 1945
    Gazette date 29 Mar 1945
    Award British Empire Medal
    Recommended by 2 Despatch
    Theatre NW Europe
    Country Great Britain
    File number 68/Gen/8054
    Schedule number 29724
    Medal type Royal Artillery Honours & Awards, 1886-2013
    Dataset Royal Artillery Honours & Awards
    Record set Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards
    Category Military, armed forces & conflict
    Subcategory Medal Rolls and Honours
    Collections from Great Britain, UK None
    1516030 W/Sgt Arthur Roberts
    British Empire Medal
    146 HAA Regiment RA GHQ AA Troops (Passed 24 November 1944)
    Initiated 30th October 1944
    This NCO has for the past year been No1 in charge of all Radar of one of the Batteries under my command. He has at all times shown great devotion to duty and in preparing all equipment for the invasion of the continent made certain by his own efforts that his equipment was perfect despite the short time available without outside help . His knowledge of his work is first class and he has in the past been a great assistance to his officers. He has by his great keenness and the excellent manner in which he handles other ranks trained many personnel to become Os.F.C to the benefit of the Regiment. During the time when the Regiments T.I.F.C. is absent he carried out this duty in an excellent manner and with great efficiency.

  8. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

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  9. sichapman

    sichapman New Member

    Thanks so much Kyle!

    I will pass this on to my family.

    Simon Chapman
  10. Nick P

    Nick P Active Member

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  11. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    I am afraid that is the best quality image I could find.
  12. Nick P

    Nick P Active Member

    Thanks for letting me know. It was great to see the photo.
  13. Nick P

    Nick P Active Member

    Does anyone know how many men would make up the 113th DLI?
    How many AA guns, how many men per Battery etc. The 113th had three batteries. My Grandfather was part of the 113th at Belsen and they were split into jobs - one for each Battery. Essentially one to look after living inmates, one to look after SS Guards and one to bury the dead.

    My grandfather (who had the task of collecting and burying the dead) always stated in the initial stages he never had enough help, as they were spread too thinly, before the mass numbers of British soldiers arrived, yet the early days saw the most burial numbers.

    Finally, the DLI were so far away from Belsen (230 miles) is there any documentation to say why they were chosen for this challenging job, despite no expertise, training or medical knowledge?
  14. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Now have 306th Infantry Brigade's War Diary for an up date go to:
    306th Infantry Brigade
  15. Mof

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    Hi, I am tracing my Dad's (Frank Moreham)war experiences, and have got copies of his service medals now and I have found his original paperwork for his Mention in Despatches, landing card etc. I loved reading the 1944 war diaries, thankyou for putting this on line. Do you have the diaries available for 1945 please. Cheers. Steve Moreham
  16. Nick P

    Nick P Active Member

    Was Frank in the 113th DLI?
  17. Mof

    Mof New Member

    Yes he was, in 368 Bty, 113th LAA RA. (Gunner)
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  18. Nick P

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    I was going to ask if you could put his details on here: Belsen – and the 113th Durham Light Infantry
    but he is already on, just without his first name. I must have got his details from the record of Despatches.

    I was trying to find info about the 113th, after following the war diary all last year on their exploits from Normandy, 44.
    I have recently set that website up to compile what I have found so far. If you have any documentation or details that you could send me of Frank - that would be fab (and picture too?) feel free to email them at 113th@belsen.co.uk PM on here
  19. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    May confuse the poster ? Theres no 113 DLI it was a affiliation only they had not been DLI since 1938 and were only formed as a RA Unit in 1941.
    From the Durham Records Office;-

    The 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment The Royal Artillery began life as the 5th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry.

    The soldiers of the 5th Battalion were all territorials, that is part-time volunteer soldiers. Before the Second World War, in 1938, the Territorial Army was expanded and the 5th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry was split into two searchlight battalions. Following the outbreak of war, territorial soldiers became full time soldiers.

    In August 1940, the second of the two searchlight battalions became the 55th Search Light Regiment The Royal Artillery. It changed its name again in December 1941 to become the 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment The Royal Artillery.
    The Regiment was stationed in Norfolk in 1942, and then prepared for service overseas in late 1942 and early 1943. However, it remained in England, defending the country against air attack, until it took part in the Normandy landings in June 1944.

    Landing on Juno beach, France, the soldiers fought around Caen through June and July.

    In August they set off across France and Belgium until they reached Nijmegen in Holland, where they remained for eight weeks.

    Path of 113.jpg
    On Christmas Day 1944, the Regiment was moved to the Ardennes, France, to fight against the German counter-attack there.
    Returning to Holland for a time, the soldiers were then sent into Germany to support the advance across the River Rhine by the British Army.

    Commandos crossed the River Rhine on 23 March 1945, with the main army crossing the next day.

    Following the successful action, the 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment received their orders to move to Belsen.

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  20. Mof

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    I will go through some pictures and send to the email address. Interestingly he was assigned to a role in Brussels end of Jan 46 just before the regiment was disbanded. He wasn't released to Class 2/T1 until 29/12/46. His full name is Frank Joseph Moreham
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