113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery. Following their journey through Europe

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    Unfortunately, we don't have a death certificate nor date of birth.
    This is the issue. We don't have anything to provide as evidence that we are related. Just have his name.
    It was a war time and he was posted to the area that my father's mother was living. She had been widowed the year previously and she fell pregnant to him. My dad being the result.
    No mention on the birth certificate. Never any discussion about him. She died in the 1960's and so nobody to ask.
  2. Nick P

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    No it isn't.
    Try the newly released census on Find my Past. That will have him. Just depends how many other Jim McLennan’s - Good Luck
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    I just checked on Ancestry using his service number and they have him in their "UK, World War II Royal Artillery Tracer Cards, 1939-1948" collection. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the image here. The card give a brief list of his movements between 1945 & 1947. There's no date of birth for him, but he is listed as J.M. McLennan. The extra initial might help you to track him down.
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Yes please post it thank you
  5. jstronge

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    Name: J M Mc Lennan
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    Service Number: 11425219

    Ancestry.com. UK, World War II Royal Artillery Tracer Cards, 1939-1948

    Hope this helps in some way.

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  6. Glorious

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    Just waking up in Australia to see your replies.....this is amazing! To have the Tracer Card, an extra initial and the knowledge from Nick that I can check the newly released census....I am so grateful. I'll let you know how I go!
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  7. Richard Makinson

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    What happened to Page 4, 27/28 June ?
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    Richard, if you manage to find this please let me know! Thanks,
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    Hi My dad was in the 113th Durham AA and he must of know your farther. He did not speak of the war much and he only told me a few things about it the war and one day asked him if he had any war wounds. He told me he was changing fuses in hand grenades to 3 second fuses and the fuse went of in his fingers. It was only after he was long gone i realised that must of been for close combat, 3 second fuse you cannot pick up and throw back. A serving retired member of my family told me to look up his records and said that some people served their country and some fought for their country....and when i looked up what he did and went through...... he mentioned Belson once and when they let the people out they picked leaves off the trees to eat.
    He was just dad to me and not a war hero as he never told me about it. I wish i had taken the time to ask and love him dearly.

    I have pictures of my dad with his mates in Gibraltar, not sure if he is in any of them but will up load if you want them.
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    Hi Paul, my old man was the c.o. of 369 battery I wouldn't know if they met but it would be nice to think that they would have met. Upload the photos I would find them very interesting and I'm certain Nick would too.

    Regards Neil.
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  11. Nick P

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    Yes please we’d all like to see pictures. What is his name?
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  12. Mr Jinks

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    Did he serve with another unit in Gibralter? 113th were never there?


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  13. Richard Makinson

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    There was also 113 Heavy AA .
  14. Richard Makinson

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    I know that I've jumped in late on this subject, are the 1945 diaries available to read ?

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