116 (RW) Light Anti Aircraft Regiment War Diary

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    Below is what I started today in Kew, expected to be finished by tomorrow afternoon...
    (RW) stands for Royal Welch - for the non-War Diary history check out my thread under unit history.

    June 1944 – War Diary
    116 (RW) LAA Regiment RA
    From 1st June 1944 to 30th June 1944
    Appendices -

    Location – Rochester
    Commanding Officer – Lieut-Col EH Walter RA
    5th June – Regiment concentrated and at six hours notice to move, Regimental HQ established ‘In the Field’ at Rochester.

    9th June – Captain DA Service (75750) posted to the Regiment from 147 LAA Regiment Royal Artillery. Interposted to 380 Battery.
    10th June – Regiment addressed by Major-General JK Ross, the Commander of 53rd Division.

    14th June – Regimental advance parties left for embarkation area. 20mm Troops. Troops remained at Chatham as a residue.
    Guns of 381 Battery in action against German Pilotless Bombs, a large number of which passed over the area.

    17th June – Regiment left location at Chatham at 0115 hours. Arrived at Marshalling Area at Canning Town at 0830 hours. Regiment split into three craft loads i.e. (main element) Regimental HQ and 380 Battery in MTS 124, Regimental HQ (part of) and 381 Battery in LST 87, and Regimental HQ (part) and 382 Battery in LST 88.

    18th June – Very hot weather, drivers putting finish the finishing touches to waterproofing. A number of German pilotless bombs sites.

    Location - Field
    19th June – Vehicles of craft serial MTS 124 moved to Royal Albert Rock

    20th June – Loading of craft MTS 124 (SS Samarovsk) completed and sailed at 1630 hours, “Y Ddraig Goch” flying.
    Craft serial MTS 124 dropped anchor in convoy forming-up area between Southend and Sheerness.
    Craft serial LST 87 loaded at Royal Albert Docks and sailed to forming-up area between Southend and Sheerness.

    21st June- Craft serial 88 loaded at Royal Albert Docks and sailed to convoy forming up area.
    Craft serial LST 87 (381 Battery) sailed.

    22nd June – Craft serial LST 88 (382 Battery) sailed.

    24th June – Craft serial MTS 124 (380 Battery and Regimental HQ) sailed at 2015 hours. All Batteries had an uneventful voyage to Normandy in good weather and calm seas.

    23rd June – 381 Battery landed near Arromanches. The landing was ‘dry-shod’
    Regimental HQ established at 783743
    381 Battery established their HQ at Subles. Troops in defence of 53rd Division
    concentration area.

    24th June – 382 Battery landed at Arromanches. The landing was completely ‘dry-shot’ Battalion HW established at 787750. Guns in action.

    26th June – 380 Battery and main elements RHQ disembarked near Arromanches. 380 Battery and RHQ arrived in locations throughout the evening. Unloading entailed a 2 foot wade.
    382 Battery guns in defence of field gun concentration area.

    27th June – G Troop engaged One FW190 with 1 round, gun control.

    28th June – Two German letters discovered in a house by Lieutenant Skinner. German book of Range Tables for Flak 35 discovered by Major Thompson.
    An abandoned German Flak 35, 37 Anti-Air/Anti-tank gun discovered by F Troop 381 Battery. After certain modifications by REME the gun was made to fire. Taken to Regimental HQ for local defence but firing mechanism broke down after several further rounds had been fired.
    A Troop 380 Battery engaged one FW190 with 4 rounds and Eyeshooting sights.
    Four guns of F Troop in action against a FW180[1] and also a ME 109. 43 rounds were fired with Eyeshooting sights.
    Regiment was allocated 23 seats at an ENSA concert at Bayeux.

    30th June – Regimental HQ 380, 382 Batteries moved from present positions. Regimental HQ established at 922746, 380 Battery at 923704. A and C guns in defence of Brigade area. B Troop in defence of medium gun area.
    382 Battery HQ established at 921747. Troops in defence of field gun concentration areas.
    3 ME 109’s engaged by guns of 382 Battery, 4 guns of G Troop. Fired 51 rounds at gun control and claimed probable destruction. Hits observed and witnessed on fuselage and tail. 3 guns of J Troop fired 29 rounds sights correctional Mk V.

    [1] Meaning 190?
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    I would be interested in the WD part when they were in the Netherlands, so if you can help out it would be great.
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    July 1944 – War Diary
    7th Bn The Royal Welch Fusiliers
    From 1st July 1944 to 31st July 1944

    Map references throughout on maps 7F/1 and 7F/2, Scale 1/50,000
    1st July – 381 Battery moved with Admin Group to new area established at Subles.
    4205796 Gunner Wynne, HT “B” Troop 380 Battery killed in action, due to enemy shelling. Buried by roadside at approx 908705 – 1 mile west of Norrey-en-Bessin.
    Engagements by 380 and 382 Batteries, scattered activity by FW 190s.

    2nd July – 380 Battery reported enemy shelling. No casualties. Troops of 382 Battery moved forward with Field Regiments to new areas.

    3rd July – B THQ moved to Norrey.
    3 engagements by B Troop. Me 109s in medium low level recce and bombing attacks.

    4th July – Shelling reports from 382 Battery and 380 Battery.
    Engagements by all Batteries. Cat II claimed and allowed – C Troop 380 Battery.

    5th July – B Troop 380 Battery moved to new location – BHQ established at Bronays.
    Lieutenant FRD Byng killed in action as a result of enemy shell fire, buried at 53 Division burial ground at Bronay.
    Engagements by 380, 382 Batteries. Two Cat I and two Cat II claims allowed by 12 Corps.

    6th July – Lieutenant Bamford reported to the Regiment from 31 RHU – interposted to 382 Battery. Shelling reported by 380 Battery.

    7th July – Major Gilliam returned to RHQ as 2i/c. 382 Battery commanded by Captain FHG Eggleton. Widespread enemy air activity over RHQ area – one projectile dropped at RHQ, believed to be a rocket. No casualties.

    8th July – C Troop deployed in area Cheux in defence of 29th Armoured Brigade harbour.

    9th July – 381 Battery engaged an enemy bomber which carried out a low level bombing and machine gun attack on Admin area.

    10th July – Lieutenant Yates (381 Battery) attached to “G” 53rd Div as Liaison Officer.
    Shelling reports from 380 Battery. First issue of bread.
    380 and 382 Batteries engaged a number of FW 190s and Me 109s. Widespread low level attacks on Divisional area. H Troop 383 Battery claimed FW190 (Cat II). Claim allowed by XII Corps.
    G Troop 382 Battery and some guns of C Troop 380 Battery engaged in a ground role against enemy mortar positions. Experiments were successful and were continued for several days.
    11th July – D Troop 381 Battery relieved G Troop 382 Battery in defence of 133 Field Regiment gun area.
    G Troop had a ground-shooting role as its primary task.

    12th July – Guns of G Troop 382 Battery shelled on reaching their harbour area. The following casualties incurred:– Killed, L/Bdr Hughes, L/Bdr Jones, Gunner Cronin and Gunner Berry. Wounded – Gunner Price. Two 40mm SPs were damaged. Three of the fatal casualties were caused by a direct hit on a slit trench.
    A large number of enemy air engagements were reported by all Batteries. 382 Battery allowed Cat II claim on a Me 109.
    381 Battery moved in protection of Admin Group at Bronay.

    13th July – G Troop 382 Battery temporarily relinquish ground role and move to AA role in defence of 133 Field Regiment gun area.
    Advance of THQ of G Troop 382 Battery at Cheux.
    No air activity throughout the day.

    14th July – Very large number of enemy air engagements throughout the afternoon and evening. Claims allowed as follows:– Cat I on Me 109 by B Troop 380 Battery. Cat 1 (shared with 110 LAA Regiment RA) on ME 109 shared between A and B troops 380 Battery and J Troop 382 Battery.
    Cat II claims were allowed as follows:– 380/A – two Me 109s, 382/H – Me109 and FW 190, FW190 shared by D, E and F troops 381 Battery, and another Me109 – 380/A.

    15th July – RHQ moved to location in area St Mauvieu 9269. A Troop 380 Battery moved to defend 53rd Division HQ in new location at ST Mauvieu.
    Slight enemy air activity during the day.
    Complete ban on all LAA fire at night.

    16th July – Heavy enemy air attack between 1100 and 0030 hours over Divisional area. Guns not allowed to fire. J Troop 382 Battery moved to llocation of new Field gun area 9166.

    17th July – Further heavy air attacks on the Divisional area between 2300 and 0300 hours. 382 Battery bombed – no casualties.

    18th July – Regiment took task of manning Ops in the 53 Division Counter Mortar Scheme. Each Battery supplies a team for manning an OP on each of the Brigade fronts, the team consisting of 1 Officer, 1 Sergeant and 2 Dvr Ops.
    Lieutenant Culshaw killed in action by enemy shell fire. C Troop 380 Battery moved to new location, area Grainville. H Troop moved in defence of new Field Gun area Cheux.
    Order recived that no LAA guns will open fire during hours of daylight unless it is within 5000 yards of the front line. Fire on seen targets at night is now allowed.

    19th July – No air activity during the day. Captain Maddox admitted to hospital suffering battle exhaustion. Lieutenant Wright and Lieutenant Smith posted to Regiment and interposted to 380 Battery. Lieutenant Appleton assumes command of B Troop 380 Battery.

    20th July – Orders received that all Bofors gun detachments will be reduced by one gun number.

    21st July – Slight air activity during the hours of darkness. A number of engagements of seen targets which committed hostile acts.

    22nd July – Guns of one Troop of 380 Battery connected by line to GOR. This permits engagements when allowed by GOR even though guns are in rear of 5000 yards line.
    E Troop moved to new location at Mondrainville in defence of Division routes and forward areas. 380 BHQ moved to new location at Colleville.
    Slight enemy air activity in the evening – engagements by 380 and 382 Batteries.

    23rd July – Engagements by 380 and 382 Batteries against small number of FW 190s.

    24th July – 380 Battery deployed in defence of Admin area at St Mauvie. All guns connected to GOR by line. 381 Battery takes over tasks from A and B Troops/ 308 BHQ established at Colleville.
    A Troop established at St Mauvieu, 380 BHQ established at Norrey, 381 BHQ established at Colleville. D Troop at area Mouen. E Troop at area Mondrainville. F Troop becomes ground-shooting Troop. F THQ established at Mondrainville with two guns deployed in AA role, the remainder as ground shooting guns.
    G and J Troops 382 Battery moved to protect new Forward Gun areas. THQs established in Mouen area.

    25th July – 20mm Troops and Residue arriving at the beaches. D Troop 381 Battery moved to defence of bridging operations over the River Orne at Athis. THQ established south of Athis. H Troop moved to new forward gun area – at Mondrainville. One section of Y Troop superimposed on D Troop at Athis bridge. Remainder of 20mm troops deploy as follows:– X Troop – one section superimposed on each of A and B Troops, remaining section of Y Troop superimposed on A Troop in defence of St Mauvieu. THQ established at St Mauvieu. 382 BHQ moved to new location at Mouen. Slight enemy activity – engagements by 381 and 382 Batteries.

    26th July – RHQ moved to new location at St Mauvieu.

    28th July – Enemy air activity between 2300 hours and 0100 hours. Engagements by 381 and 382 Batteries. Each Battery ordered to establish A Echelons in area of forward troops.

    30th July – Orders received that one gun per Troop may be left out of battle at A Echelon. Slight enemy air activitiy between 2300 hours and 0030 hours. Engagements by 381 and 382 Batteries.
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    August 1944 – War Diary
    116 LAA Regiment RA
    From 1st August 1944 to 31st August 1944

    Location - Field
    1st August – Locations – HQ at St Mauvieu, 380 at Norrey; 381 at Colleville; 382 at Mouen.

    2nd August – 0125 – Bomb report[FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] from 925704 approximately 20 airburst bombs.

    3rd August – 1830 – X Troop fire from 954637 on coprse 951601, Avenay 958596, area 953594.

    Location - Mouen
    5th August – a.m. – 17 ORs posted to 38 RHU. RHQ moves to 932626 – just over River Odon.
    p.m. – 380 Battery to Le Valtru 913637, 381 Battery to 913634.
    Be, E, H, X, Y, Z Troops leave Regiment fro 38 RHU and England.

    6th August – Recommendation of award of BEM to 1568149 Sergeant DOW TA[FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] forwarded. 380 Battery move to Evrecy.

    7th August – 382 Battery move to Honorine du Faye 932568; 380 Battery to Honorine du Faye 927570. All AA firing forbidden from 2246-0815.

    Location – LeMont
    8th August – RHQ to 916578. 381 Battery to 916578, 1335 hours Fortress dropped 6 bombs 926540 and crashed 1-2 miles.
    2230 – Engagement report from C Troop 926535 at 1910 – 20 rounds fired at 8 Thunderbolts machine-gunning and dive-bombing; also engaged by J Troop.

    Location – Maison-Celles
    9th August – 1100 – Lieutenant Rundell at CMO HQRA. RHQ moves to 894549.

    10th August – Bdr 4205756 Thomas and 1713987 Gunner Lucy to CMO for HQRA instruction.

    11th August – SP hit a mine. No 1726580 Gunner LW Heard killed and 4 injured – 14364244 L/Bdr Thoirs, 4205800 Gunner Murrell, 1657512, Gunner Tasker, 4205172 Gunner Nichols (Gunner Tasker since reported died of wounds)

    Location _ Mouthiers
    12th August – RHQ moves to 985514, River Orne crossed. 382 to 971505; Gunner Heard buried at Divisional burial ground Coleville.

    13th August – Major FH Hill assumes duties of 2i/c; Captain RP Coombs assumes duties of Adjutant; 380 Battery HQ becomes 380 BM HQ; Major HJ Gilliam assumes duties of OC CM Battery and Captain AD Clark those of 2i/c CM Battery. Prisoner captured by Lt Harraway,.

    14th August – 6 PWs taken at Op.

    Location – Acqueville
    15th August – RHQ moves to 016453. Lieutenants Skinner and Harraway admitted to 147 Field Ambulance, blown up by mine while on recce in Jeep. 381 Battery moves to 020460.
    Engagement report from D Troop – 1 FW 190 at 0605 hours MR 974517. Engagement report from J Troop – JU88 and Hk IIIk at 0610 hours MR 022445.

    Location – Le Mesnil
    16th August – RHQ move to 051403. Lt Kinsey temporarily posted from G to J Troop.
    382 move to 056408.

    17th August – 381 move to 048393. Engagement report by G Troop on 162240 at MR 018487; bombs dropped to East of VP – low level; 9 rounds expended. Engagement reports from F and C; FW 190 – 1245 hours; 16 and 26 rounds expended. A/C engaged over areas 067376, 063375, 047386 and 045382 and 041377.

    Location – Norron L’Abbaye
    18th August – RHQ move to 105363. 2 PWs taken by 4205047 Gunner Hemsley. 381 move to 1063560. X casualties, L/Bdr Evans, Royal Engineers, 1767893 Gunner Maddox, Royal Enginers, 4205179 Gunner Williams, IO and Y casualties 11000331 Gunner Beech. A tractor blown up by mine and totally destroyed. Dead buried at 1553309. Gunner Beech to 147 Field Ambulance.

    19th August – 0945 – Lieutenant McMillian and recce party receive surrender of 10 PW stated they had not drunk for 4 days and that they were finished. Ground shooting by 382 Battery 1600-1715, targets 208338, 219320, 217315 – 1,015 rounds expended.

    20th August – No 4205239 Gunner Lacey RB missing. Motorcycle found smashed at 134323. Later located in Field Ambulance.

    Lcoation - Brieux
    21st August – 1400 – RHQ moved to 216287, 382 Battery move to 198277, 281 to 198281. Arrea Brieux between Trun-Falaise.

    22nd August – Regiment to state B manning, period of maintenance and rest begins before next advance. CO orders gun, vehicle and kit inspections.

    23rd August – 0700 – Considerable activity in IFF and bearing news of liberation of Paris.

    24th August – 1930 – A Troop to harbour in preparation for advance 154323, they leave 13 Medium Regiment.

    25th August – A day of orders and counter orders. Units pulling out for advance. Divisional HQ move at 2100 hours. Rear link opens up. Great number of Dakotas fly towards Paris.

    26th August – F Troop with 81 Field Regiment in 71 Brigade Group move to 5658.

    27th August – 0530 – RHQ closes, reopens 954655 Sebecourt. A move of approx 65 miles forward towards the Seine without incident.

    Location – Vieux Ville
    28th August – 1700 – RHQ closes, reopens 300835 2000 hours. 381 move to 311831. 382 to 290854. A Echelon and REME to Ailly 273828. RHQ is now 3 miles from the Seine near Gaillon and just behind 15th Scottish Division’s bridgehead.

    29th August – All troops with Field Regiments move across Seine tonight. RHQ crosses 2330 hours. Location 297899. D Troop and 53 Division move to 21477g. G Troop and Admin Group move to 139733.

    Location – Sassay La Comagne
    30th August – 0015 – RHQ established at 297899. Move to Le Thuit 3692, thence to Saussay-la-Compagne 479978 arriving at 1500 hours. 382 Battery to move to 480961.

    31st August – 381 Battery move to this location, also A Troop, A Echelon and REME Workshops.

    [FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] BOMREP

    [FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] As written – could be Dow Ta or DOW Ta
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    September 1944 – War Diary
    116 Light AA Regiment RA
    For The Month Of September 44

    Location – Saussay-la-Compagne
    1st September – Locations, RHQ 381 BHQ, A Troop, A Echelons, REME and 382 Battery all at Saussay-la-Compagne about 4 miles north of Seine. C, F and J Troops with Field Regiments in Brigade Groups. D Troop with Division HQ, G with Admin Group back across Eure.
    1030 – 6 US and British airmen dressed as French civilians are brought in by Major Sugden for transmission to an airfield. They had been helped by the Resistance movement for periods of 3-14 months. RHQ closes 2130 hours.

    Location - Hornoy
    2nd September – 0555 – RHQ opens at 793557 near Hannoy. C Troop fire on ‘buzz’ bomb 0555 hours, very low, going West. It exploded in this country. RHQ closes 1530 hours.

    Location - Bonneville
    3rd September – 0120 – RHQ opens 076795. 381 Battery, A Troop, Echelons and 382 HQs in Montrelet 0679.
    Complete “Holdfire” ordered for today. 2i/c and harbour parties get ‘shot up’ in battle near Flixecourt, the evening of 2nd September, this is in are where Division was about to concentrate – take 15 PWs. Somme crossed at 2130 hours.

    Location - Aubigny
    4th September – 1445 – RHQ move with 381 and 382 HQs, A Echelons and REME to Regimental Concentration Area Aubigny 3307, arriving 1930 hours. D,C,E and F Troops cease fire and concentrate in above area. Regiment to form RASC Company 5th September (see Regimental Order attached.)

    5th September – Reorganisation of Regiment takes place. WE also form an infantry Company for defence of Division HQ under the command of Major FH Hill, Battery Depots at Aubigny.

    Location - Hersin
    6th September – Move to Hersin 393182. 381 Battery at 392195, 382 at 389193. Lt Col EH Walter assumes command of 116 LAA Transport Company. Major FH Hill of Infantry Defence Company – 382 HQ – sniped tonight (approx midnight).

    Location – Nr Messines
    7th September - Company move today to 582525, half mile northeast of Messines crossing frontier into Belgium approx 2100 hours. 12 vehicles used today conveying PWs to Rear.

    Location – On the Move
    8th September – Regiment less Depot Company and LAA Workshop move to Contich 694872 – approximately 5 miles south of Antwerp – a journey of over 100 miles.

    Location Contich
    9th September – 9 and 10 Platoons only 300 yards away. Infantry Company at Fort 4 – Antwerp, CM there also.

    15th September – Depot Company move from Aubigny, Savy to Fort 5 Antwerp.

    16th September – 1910 – RHQ, 381, 382 move to Oimen 199837 crossing the Albert Canal approximately 1284 at 2300 hours.

    Location – Oimen
    17th September – 0430 – Large force of Fortresses flying East at 1030 hours, return 1130 hours. There is tremendous air activity all day, bombers, fighters and transport planes. LAA Workshops move to present location from Fort 5 Antwerp.

    20th September - 1300 – RHQ, Workshops, 9 and 10 Platoons close 1300 hours. Cross Escaut Canal and Dutch border 2300 hours.

    Location – Waalwijk
    21st September – 0015 – RHQ established at 348088, 9 and 10 Platoon Workshops at Boshoven 5507.
    Captain Cadbury-Brown in command SP Troop. 2 SP Bofors to each Brigade (approx G1 date-time 191625 September 44 refers.

    22nd September – SP guns with 2nd Mons at Postel 2157023 shoot up suspected enemy HQ. Range 1500 yards. Ammunition expended – 109 HE, 36 AP. Farm set on fire, enemy later driven out leaving 31 wounded. HQ confirmed.

    23rd September – 2 SP guns with 1st HLI at Oustel Beers shoot up enemy machine gun nest in house, range 600 yards. Ammunition expended 70 HE, 30 AP. Infantry later report all occupants killed, and the end of house was demolished. Later target Church Tower at 900 yards used as an OP. Ammunition expended 50 HE and 20 AP.
    Tremendous air activity today – gliders with Dakotas and Stirlings – many hundred flying in direction of Arnhem.

    26th September – 1845 – 2 SP guns with 6 RWF at Reusel 2010 shot up Windmill OP at 500 yards and tower (OP) at 2000 yards. Ammunition expended 68 HE and 18 AP. Few hits observed in fading light, enemy began mortaring.

    27th September – 2 SP guns with 1st Ox and Bucks at Dum 3024. Target farm at 450 yards and church in Oirshot used as an OP. Ammunition expended 125 HE, 40 AP. Hayrick set on fire, farm shot up.

    28th September – 2 SPs with Ox and Buck have four engagements in Dun 3125, shooting up factory, towers used as Ops and other small targets. No results observed. Range 500 yards Ammunition expended, 215 HE, 65 AP.

    29th September – 2 SPs with OX and Bucks at Dum have four engagements – enemy positions in buildings and an OP near Oirshot at 1500 yards. Enemy replied with Small Arms and Mortar fire. Results not observed.

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    Appendix I
    Organisation and We
    To: OCs; 380 Battery, 381 Battery, 382 Battery, Captain QM, EME, War Diary

    • Regiment will re-organise temporarily to form an RASC Company as follows:– 382 and 381 Batteries will form two RASC carrying Platoons each of three Sections.
    • Guns, Ammunition, stores and personnel surplus to the attached establishment will form Battery Depots in area Aubigny 3307.
    • A Mobile Defence Company may be formed from remaining personnel under the Command Major FH Hill.
    • Details concerning new WE, administration, etc are attached.
    • Reorganisation will take effect from 1200 hours 5th September 1944.

    Captain RA
    Adjutant, 116 (RW) Light AA Regiment, RA
    [FONT=&quot]050210B Sept[/FONT]
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    [/FONT] Appendix 2
    Subject – Ops
    G1 191625 A Sept 44
    HQ RA
    53 (W) Div

    It has been decided by CRA that this Regiment will, during its present ‘split up’ and pending a return to AA duties, adopt a sixth role within the Division, with the object of providing Infantry Brigades with a semi-armoured mobile weapon for anti-sniping duties.

    a)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Two SP Bofors, each with a DC, driver, and 3 ORs will be attached to the HQ of 278, 29, and 283 Anti-tank Batteries co-operating with 158, 71 and 160 Brigades respectively.
    b)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]They will be located at and rationed by these Battery HQs.
    c)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]They will be deployed only to meet a contingency, and by the Anti-tank Battery Commander or other officer he may depute i.e. they will not be used to occupy a static defensive position and must not be used as such.
    d)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Captain HT Cadbury-Brown will be attached to the Defence Company at Division HQ and will be adviser and Liaison Officer to Anti-tank Battery Commanders, but it is unlikely that he will beat the right place at the right time to assume operational control of any pair of guns during an emergency.
    e)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Ammunition: Each gun will carry 168 rounds HE and 24 rounds AP but reserves will not be held near that Div AP. Replenishment will be the responsibility of Captain Cadbury-Brown in conjunction with this HQ.
    f)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]These guns will report p.m. 20th September to Anti-tank Batteries as in (a) above,, and will be rationed by them as from 21st September. Total 10 ORs per Battery.
    g)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Mail: OUT by respective Anti-tank Batteries – IN via Infantry Defence Company (and Pay).

    Note:– I regret that my other commitments do not allow me to make these guns self-supporting and self-operating but I know I can rely on my friends in 71 Anti-tank Regiment to welcome them under their capable wings and employ them with success as opportunity offers.

    EH Walles
    Lt-Col RA
    Comd. 116 (RW) Light AA Regt, RA
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    October 1944 – War Diary
    116 LAA Regiment RA
    For October 44

    Location – Waalwijk
    1st October – RHQ established at 348088, 9 and 10 Platoons at Boshoven 354077, CMO and Infantry Company at Eersel 3109.

    Location - Errsel
    X OP move with 158 Infantry Brigade under Command 15th Scottish Division.

    Location Waalwijk
    4th October – 381 Battery move to Fort 5 Antwerp to reform to LAA [116 LAA Op Inst No.2 ]
    Infantry Company disbanded, personnel return to 381 and 382 Batteries. [116 LAA Op Inst No.2]

    Location - Eersel
    6th October – CM HQ leaves Eersel for Grave.

    Location - Waalwijk
    382 Battery move to Fort 5 Antwerp to reform to LAA. 381 Battery move forward to harbour Eindhoven area prior to joining 160 Infantry Brigade. TAC RHQ to 693670.

    Location – GraveIsland
    7th October – CM HQ moves to Grave Island.
    OPs Y and Z deployed. Much shelling during recces and deployment.

    Location -Waalwijk
    381 Battery deployed North of Nijmegen 695673. D Troop on Division HQ, A Troop with 81 Field Regiment, G Troop with 133 Field Regiment. CM deploy to Ops in new area North of Nijmegen.

    8th October – 382 Battery moved from Fort 5 Antwerp to Grave.

    Location – Oorstrhout
    9th October – 0800 – RHQ and LAA Workshops move to 693670 arriving at 1150 hours. 382 Battery deployed at 703654. C Troop at 720657 with 72 Medium Regiment. F Troop at 690660 with 6 Field Regiment. J Troop 720677 area of Ressen.

    Location – GraveIsland
    Y OP suffered two direct hits. Two minor casualties.

    Location Oostrhout
    12th October – 4 Ground Shoots were carried on roads northeast of Canal. 4 guns used from F Troop. Air Observation post (US)[FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] used. 365 rounds expended, 14 Tracer. 8 guns engaged Me262 on its first appearance at 1705 hours, 88 rounds expended. Two bombs dropped near 715633. J/382 engaged 2 Me 109s at 1430 hours. Some shelling – Gunner Nicholls wounded.

    14th October – Ground Shooting 1100 hours, 4 guns of F Troop harassing fire and wood 740715. Predicted shoot on recorded targets, 435 rounds expended.

    15th October – 1200 – Ground shooting by 8 guns of C and F Troops (Victor Target). Harassing fire on enemy communications 749713 road junction and road in square of 7471 and 7571. 692 rounds expended.

    16th October – Award of BEM to WO II 5246211 J Withers (21 AGRO No.40/44)

    Location - Schank
    17th October – CM HQ moves to Schank 5451.
    Z OP remained on Island with 160 Infantry Brigade

    Location – Oostrhout
    18th October – 0030 – Regiment moves South from Island to Divisional Concentration Area southwest of Grave 536507. Arrive 0330 hours.

    Location - Nistelrode
    1200 – CM move to Nistelrode 4947.

    19th October – X OP rejoins CM on 158 Infantry Brigade reverting to command 53 (W) Div[FONT=&quot][2][/FONT].

    Location - Oss
    21st October – 1600 – RHQ move to Oss MR – 479548. 381 and 382 Batteries remain in present locations pending result of battle.
    1200 – CM moves to Oss 4754.

    22nd October – OPs joined Infantry Brigades for Op Alan I.

    Location – Nuland
    24th October – 1400 – CM moved to Nuland 4149.

    24/25th October – Night – HF carried out on area Empel 3151 and Gewande 3552 carried out under direction of CMO.

    Location - 394497
    24th October – 1600 – Regiment less LAA Workshops move to area 3949 approximately 4 miles northeast of s’Hertogenbosch. A Troop deployed at bridge 328465 in Eastern edge of city. In action 1730 hours.

    Location – Nuland
    25th October – OPs Y and Z deployed in s’Hertogenbosch.

    Location – 394497
    1500-1830 – 381 HQ move to s’Hertogenbosch 320470. A troop engage enemy held sheds at 314470 with 27 rounds (12 AP and 15 HE) at request of Bn Comd[FONT=&quot][3][/FONT] of 160 Infantry Brigade. Range 250 yards, result – hits observed. Some shelling – vehicles hit.

    26th October – C Troop move to city at 317458. In action 1430 hours. G Troop to 318474. In action 1430 hours with 4 guns.

    Location – Nuland
    26th/27th October – Night – HF carried out by 63 Heavy Regiment on enemy escape routes over River Maas under direction of CMO.

    Location - Hereenbeek
    27th October – 1400 – CM moves to Hereenbeek 3547.

    Location – s’Hertogenbosch.
    1300 – 381 Battery closes 320470, reopens 318470. 382 moves to city at 322471.
    1600 – RHQ moves in to school at 321473, F and J Troops relieve A and G Troops, the latter Troop moving to 312460 and deploying 4 guns. F Troop to 323472. J Troop to 318474.

    Location - Hereenbeek
    27th/28th Night – HF carried out on bridges and ferries over River Maas under firection CMO.
    Division HQ shelled during the night.

    Location – Nuland
    28th October – CM HQ moves to Nuland 4149.

    Location – s’Hertogenbosch
    1800 – 2 guns of F Troop engage river crossing 302492 and Empel 320513, predicted shoot – results unobserved – 141 rounds fired (14 tracer)
    1430 – D Troop, No.6 while recce for positions engage enemy held positions – factory and buildings at 303481 from 307477. 107 rounds expended also SAA observed shoot at 250 yards. Buildings destroyed, enemy softened and 12 PWs gave themselves up. A further 39 rounds fired at same target – results not observed. 5 guns in action HQ 313464.

    29th October – 1400 – D6 continues to battle with enemy in factory area 303475, 304475. 520 rounds expended, at least one Spandau taken out, 30 hits on blockhouse. 8 PWs taken,40 enemy left factory.
    1035 – D6 continue yesterday’s war in factory area against MG nests – occupied buildings. 240 rounds expended. (PWs taken, 10 killed, 50 fled. Infantry occupy vacated position)

    30th October – Captain D Lever, BSM Affleck, killed in action today at 3047 (buried at 53 (W) Division Burial Ground at Oss 4754). 3 SPs of D Troop in support of a Company of 6 RWF and platoon of Carriers in factory area. Stiff opposition from paratroops was encountered. Gunner 08 Williams wounded trying to rescue his Troop Commander.

    Location - Opitter
    31st October – 0720 –Regiment leaves s’Hertogenbosch for Belgium front. Arrived Oppiter 5381 at 1100 hours. 381 Battery deploy, A and G area of Bree 5084. D at Bocholt 4988, in action 1915 hours. 382 Battery area of Weert 5897 (F and C Troops) J at Staurpraij 5990. In action 2000 hours. Captain JR Potter assumed command of D Troop.

    Location – Bocholt
    1030 – CM HQ moves to Bocholt 4988.
    Z OP remained in s’Hertogenbosch with 160 Infantry Brigade.
    [FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] Referenced to in The Read Dragon as ‘interesting shoot’ that was somewhat unconventional.

    [FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] In text reference of 53 (S) Div – assumed typo

    [FONT=&quot][3][/FONT] Possibly Brigade Command?
  9. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    116 Light AA Regt, RA, Op Instr No.2
    G1 032255

    1. One LAA SP Bty isrequired to operate in sp and under comd for move of 160 Inf Bde.

    2. 116 LAA Regt will reform 1 SP Bty of 3 Tps each of 6 guns from its existing organisation.

    3. i) OC 9 Pl RASC will reform his original 381 LAA Bty with its WE of personnel, guns and stores as before the change-over to RASC.
    ii) The Inf Def Coy will be disbanded as from 0900 hrs 4 Oct; personnel of the original 381 Bty and 10 Pl will rejoin their sub-units forthwith.
    ii) Personnel of the original 381 Bty less Dvr Ops at present att to CM organisation will rejoin their Bty and will be replaced by personnel form 10 Pl by 0900 hrs 4 Oct.
    iv) All vehs less Wireless trucks of 381 Bty at present in use with other sub-units will be handed back by 0900 hrs 4 Oct. LAA trackts of original 382 Bty now att 9 Pl will be handed back to 10 Pl with personnel concerned by above time together with loads and any commitments outstanding.
    v) One S/Sjt, dvr and Jeep will be att from LAA Wksps to 381 Bty forthwith.
    vi) Maj FH Hill resumes duties as 2 IC 116 LAA Regt [from] 1200 hrs 4 Oct.
    vii) Captain DA Service will be relieved of Sector Control duties by Captain Thomas by mutal arrangement.
    viii) CMO will continue in str as at present.
    ix) 116 LAA Depot of stores and personnel less 381 Bty will remain present location for a few more days.

    -[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Instrs later

    a)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]By W/T when possible
    b)[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]By DR

    Adjt., 116 (RW) Light AA Regt., RA.
  10. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    November 1944 – War Diary
    116 LAA Regt RA
    From 1st November 1944 to 30th November 1944

    Location – Opitter
    1st November- RHQ at 539821, 381 at Bree with HQ at Opitter. 382 HQ at 584975.

    5th November – C and F Troops (3 guns each) engage enemy HQ at 648970 and localities in wood 6496. Predicted shoot, 312 rounds expended.

    6th November – J Troop (4 guns) engage enemy HQ at 648970 and localities in wood 6496. Air Observation post, results satisfactory. 112 out of last 120 rounds on target. 305 rounds, 14 tracer expended.

    8th November – 380 BHQ reform with HQ at 506825. CMO attached HQRA 53 (W) Division for all purposes. Major FH Hill resumes command of 380 Battery with Captain AD Clark as Battery Captain. [See G1 061225 A and G1 101015]

    Location – Weert
    10th November – 1535 – 3 guns of J Troop engage enemy in OP windmill 6695. Air OP used, 297 rounds HE expended. Results satisfactory. 12 hits observed on vane – range 4500 yards.
    1400 – RHQ closes, reopens Weert oppose Church. 381 HQ moves to Boshoverbeek 5796. D and F remain in present locations. A Troop reverts to command 380 Battery, F Troop to 381 and G to 382. G Troop HQ to Boshoverbeek; J to 589966 – both in harbour.

    11th November – 380 with A and C move to area 4989 and harbour.

    14th November – 2015 – 381 Battery (F Troop and 2 guns from D Troop) in support “Op Mallard” giving directional fire for tanks over 657930, 669908, 675898 from positions in area 6492 and 658906. 5 rounds rapid HE every 5 minutes by 2 guns from H-15 to H+45, there after 1 round every 15 minutes till dawn. Control gun at 636905.

    15th November – 381 Tractor damaged by mine – no casualties.

    16th November – 3 guns of J Troop in action at bridge building site 6494. THQ at 635950. G Troop deployed around Divisional HQ at 630938. 380 HQ to Baexhem 707933. A and C in harbour.

    17th November – 0920 – Lt Smith ordered Divisional arty to engage 839826 – the first Divisional Arty task on Germany. Remaining J Troop guns deployed across canal. D Troop deployed round bridge at 6593. HQ at 707934. Application for award of posthumous VC for Captain D Lever sent forward to HQRA.

    Location – Horn
    18th November – 1200,1500,1545 – A Troop shoot up enemy positions on Ox and Bucks fornt at 753898. 6 guns used in 3 separate engagements. 382 and 165 AP expended, range 1500 yards; results – destruction of houses – highly satisfactory and much appreciated by infantry who saw 15 enemy run like ‘scalded cats’.
    0530 – A Troop provide directional fire for Ox and Bucks operation – 742914 – 744924.
    0600 – 120 rounds expended.
    1525 – C Troop (4 guns) carry out harassing tasks for 4 RWF on Weerd 7691. Platform at 744929; OP in Horn. Bridge and orchard target – area successfully shelled. 343 rounds HE expended.

    19th November – 1430 – 3 guns of A Troop engage house and haystack at 783896 from 735905, range 3000 yards and 2000 yards. 678 rounds expended; haystack alight and house badly damaged with roof shot away.

    20th Novermber – 1600 – Brickworks 767904, barn at 748 and haystack engaged by 3 guns each of A and C Troops from 757908 and 744928 direct and indirect respectively. 500 rounds HE and 174 AP expended. Barn roof destroyed, walls badly damaged; brickworks; all rounds on target area. Hayricsk set alight.

    Location – 724884
    1630 – D Troop 2 guns engage enemy in buildings at 733880. 350 HE expended, 70% hits registered on target; house badly damaged.

    Location - Grathem
    0830 – HQ moves to 697897; 381 to Grathem with F and D in harbour. 382 to 694947 with J in harbour. G at Div HQ. LAD remain Weert.
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  11. Bodston

    Bodston Little Willy

    Fascinating use of the SP Bofors as anti-sniper artillery, and having a pop at an Me 262 as well, that'll get your arms pumping.:D

    Great stuff.
  12. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    I've been fascinated by 116 for a while. They used them at the Divisional Counter-Mortar Unit (thats 380's Battery most of the time) where they would get infantry to spot, tell the nearest Bofors who'd light up until the pops stopped...

    Amazing to think these guys were not younger than their early 30s by this stage (the unit initially made up of 12th Bat that was recruited in 1940 with the average age group fro 25-27 in 1940!
  13. AndyDonut

    AndyDonut New Member

    Amazing to read this, such great work. My gramps was in the 116 LAA, and he was rewarded for his actions that occurred on the 11th August, receiving a Croix du Guerre with bronze star and MID. He told stories of being stationed to Africa as well and received the Africa star with oak leaf is this possible for someone from that regiment? Is it possible to research something like this?
  14. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    The 116th Light AA Regiment, RA did not serve in North Africa. Your grandfather may have transferred from another unit. It would be best to request his service record to get his complete military service. Here is more on the 116th Light AA Regiment:

    12th Battalion, The Royal Welch Fusiliers

    No. 15 Infantry Training Group – 4 July 1940 to 10 October 1940
    The battalion was raised on July 4th, 1940 at Pensarn in North Wales. It consisted of men between the age of 27 and 28 and new to the army. It moved to Hoylake near Liverpool at the end of September 1940 for training.

    215th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) – 10 October 1940 to 8 May 1941
    It moved from Hoylake to Whitby, Yorkshire after December 1940.

    217th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) – 9 May 1941 to 23 October 1941
    In August 1941 it moved to the Kirkleavington area and the defence of Redcar.

    215th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) – 24 October 1941 to 21 December 1941
    In autumn it moved to Scarborough and Whitby.

    Service as Royal Artillery
    On January 1st, 1942 it was converted to the 116th Light AA Regiment, Royal Artillery (380th-382nd Byts). The men were sent to Aberystwyth to a training regiment. The batteries were augmented to four troops from 33rd, 34th and 35th Troops of 93rd Light AA Battery on March 14th, 1944. The 116th Light AA Regiment served under the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division from April 3rd, 1942 until December 2nd, 1944. It was located in the United Kingdom until June 21st, 1944, at sea until June 27th, 1944 then in Northwest Europe. It was disbanded on January 31st, 1945.
  15. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Welcome to the forum

    My Father served in the 116th Light AA Regiment from 1942 to Dec 1944
    Can you name your Grandfather?

    apply for his service records please read the link below
    Get a copy of military service records

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  16. AndyDonut

    AndyDonut New Member

    Hi Clive,

    Yes, he was called Jack Littler.
  17. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Andy do you have another info.
    Do you have the info where he was born?
    You do need to send off for his service records to get a better picture

  18. AndyDonut

    AndyDonut New Member

    He was born in Durham, I have his medals, his army number and I have a copy of the war record for his MID CDG etc but there are a few medals like the Africa star with oak leaf that seem out of place, but he always used to tell stories of his time in Africa. Many thanks for the advice on obtaining his war record, I assume that will detail any transfers and places served?
  19. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    What is his service number

    You need to apply for his full records otherwise you might be going down the wrong path
  20. AndyDonut

    AndyDonut New Member

    His Army number was 1061838, I will get filling the paperwork out. Again many thanks for the help guys.

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