140th (5th London) Field Regiment Royal Artillery

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by John West, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. John West

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  2. The Hen

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    Loved the website - so much work - thank you!
  3. John West

    John West Active Member

    Many thanks for that! It's designed to be update-able as more information becomes available- and I was interested in your past posts about Cpt. Hood- anything you have available would be much appreciated and could potentially be included....Regards
  4. PackRat

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    Really excellent website John. My grandfather's first unit was the 139th (4th London) from Lewisham, and it was especially interesting to read about the time out in Gloucestershire where they were both training.

    Not sure the 140th were too popular with some of the 139th - the 140th got its overseas orders first by a few weeks and so pinched all of the 139th's ammunition trailers as well as other kit. The trailers had only arrived recently and the camouflage paint jobs had only just been finished. The 139th had to collect a whole new batch of trailers from Bromley and start the painting again...

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  5. John West

    John West Active Member

    That's really interesting! Do you have anymore war diary or photos of the time in Glostershire? Regards
  6. PackRat

    PackRat Well-Known Member

    Not much more of relevance from that time, apart from the III Corps counter-battery fire exercise that the 139th and 140th went on together. Might be a copy of this stuff in the 140th's war diary appendices, but just in case you haven't seen it:

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  7. John West

    John West Active Member

    Many thanks, I hope it's ok if some of this is incorporated into the site? Regards John
  8. PackRat

    PackRat Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, please feel free, they're from photos of 139 Field's war diary I took at the National Archives. File reference for the diary is WO 166/155.

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