14240886 Cyril Percy Powell 15th Recce Regt - looking for info/help

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    Thanks for the link.

    I expect the posted card was issued by American rather than UK forces - I note it was printed in Augsburg, Bavaria.

    It is actually helpful to me personally as my father was liberated (discovered is probably a better word as his column had been on the March from Austria for over a month and had been left to fend for themselves a few days earlier by their guards) by an American 3rd Army Unit in Czechoslovakia in early May 1945. He was passed back through American lines (issued US uniform, sleeping bag, eating utensils etc having been POW since Dec 1941) and flown back to UK by via American airfields.

    Thanks again.

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    Hello Chaps - just wondering if anyone knows what this might be, found it amongst the badges/buttons and bits?

    Scan 6.jpeg

    Is it perhaps the badge for another unit?

    Also I have this ...

    Scan 5.jpeg

    Am I right in thinking that one was for service/good conduct with each chevron denoting a year or service?
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    Fantastic - that would be just the Driver one as that was the rank he had in RASC before he left. I see now I have it round the wrong way where I've posted it :whistle:

    Thanks so much!
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    The second Badge is to denote overseas service. Each chevron denotes a years service overseas. They were also used during WW1. IIRC they were reintroduced in late 1944?

    Steve Y
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    Hi Guys,

    We got the military records today thanks to a lovely lady at the MOD office and have been decoding them mostly figured out but there's a line here I can't quite figure out (outlined in red box) so wondered whether any more experienced eyes might see what I can't ...

    IMG_0320 copy.jpg

    I can see it was written while he was at the No 1 RTC (Reconnaissance Training Centre) and it seems to read 'Posted Serial 30316' though I'm not sure if it's 'serial' or something else. I also can't figure out the 'place of casualty' - I believe at that time the RTC would have been in Scotland (Lockerbie - according to one of the Osprey books) but I can't figure out the place they've written.

    Any help appreciated as always :salut:
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    No 1 RTC (Reconnaissance Training Centre) was at Halleaths Camp, Lochmaben in Dumfriesshire until August 1943 when the training centres were combined and located at Catterick.

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    The wealth of knowledge here continues to amaze me! Thanks so much :)
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    Thanks for posting my grandad was in 15th Scottish Recce James McDonald ammunition corporal. Was involved in the action at Nettlekamp

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    15 Scottish Recce C Squadron photo Spring 1944 Crofton Hall Wakefield.

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