14265164 Trooper Frederick BRAWN, 1st Airlanding Squadron, Reconnaissance Corps: 19/09/1944

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    Remembering Today

    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Rank: Trooper
    Service No: 14265164
    Date of Death: 19/09/1944
    Age: 21
    Regiment/Service: Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C., 1st Airlanding Sqn.
    Buried or commemorated at
    Grave Reference: 1. B. 2.
    Location: Netherlands
    Additional Information: Son of George Albert and Lily Brawn, of Chasetown, Staffordshire.
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    :poppy: R.I.P. - FREDERICK BRAWN :poppy:

    (Photo from Sanguinius set on Flikr)

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    Tpr Frederick BRAWN
    Bio by Graeme Clarke who is researching the Walsall roll of honour

    Frederick BRAWN
    Trooper 14265164
    1st Airlanding Squadron, Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps Died in Holland on Tuesday 19 September 1944

    Frederick was the son of George Albert and Lily (nee Bailey) Brawn of Chasetown.

    He served in 9 Section, “C” Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron and was killed during the assault on Arnhem. Of the 30 gliders despatched containing his unit, 2 failed to arrive.

    Upon landing during Sunday 17 September 1944 HQ, “D” and “C” Companies headed for the Arnhem Bridge as a coup de main but were held up by strong German opposition and suffered several casualties. “A”
    Company stayed behind as a reserve as planned.

    The War Diary for the day on which Frederick was killed records the following,

    “19 September 1944 - Place: Arnhem

    0630 - Tac H.Q. moves out from harbour area - going west along main road towards Heelsum 6477.

    0730 - Established 679785. Reception on wireless good. The air is heavy with the smell of dead bodies. Move further west though 1st Battalion Border Regiment outposts 675785.

    0900 - R.A.S.C. dashes through position - announces Germans coming up main road from west. Spirited siting of defensive pits under the supervision of Captain Costeloe.

    0930 - Germans fail to materialise - work returns to normal. Wireless very clear in spite of trees.

    1000 - Reports that the enemy have crossed the river Lek in force at Renkum 6276 and is pressing east. Captain Costeloe and Lieutant Christie site Polsten section to cover the road west.

    1100 - Tac HQ returns to 683785.

    1230 - Control Jeep reports to Divisional HQ to escort G.O.C. to 4 Para Brigade HQ - continuous wireless contact.

    1315 - R.A. Battery in field close by open up Battery shoot.

    1350 - Messerschmitts overhead. Planes veer from side to side.
    Ten come down in line ahead - bursts of cannon fire strike road near our positions. Intense barrage of Sten gun fire from R.A.s - endangers Tac HQ more than the planes.

    1415 - Having lost contact with “C” Troop move to 679790. Supply drop in progress - heavy firing. One Stirling crashes near our position. Fail to pick up “C” Troop.

    1500 - Return to old position 683785.

    1530 - Streams of Jeeps carrying wounded and marching men move back through our positions. Prove to be 156 Parachute Battalion who have been hit by a very strong enemy force. Prisoners arrive from “A”
    Troop - one part of an enemy force about three hundred strong who have cycled from a German N.C.Os school at the Hague.

    1620 - Lieutenant QM Collier reports in. Informed Captain Allsop that 2 Jeeps containing 7 other ranks - the remnants of “C” Troop - have appeared at rear HQ. This is very bad news indeed.

    1700 - “D” Troop in a very precarious position are ordered by Division to retire to that HQ. “A” Troop withdraws to Tac HQ.

    1730 - Tac HQ and “A” Troop return to 697785. Captain Allsop goes to Divisional HQ.

    1800 - “A” Troop ordered to take up positions of observation on railway 693796.

    2200 - “A” Troop return.

    2330 - “D” Troop in Div HQ area. No activity that night.”

    Killed during the day, Frederick is buried in Anhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery in Grave 1.B.2. He was 21 years of age.
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    Freddy Brawn was killed in an ambush on Amsterdamsweg. He was lying across the wicker basket on the back of Lt Bowles's Jeep. Lt Bowles was driving, L/Cpl Alan Baker was on the K gun, Des Evans and Jim Salmon, were sitting on the back.
    The jeep was hit and only Lt Bowles and Tpr Evans survived, although both wounded. Both were later captured.
    In the famous photo in the woods at Wolfheze, Jim Cooke has the PIAT, Des Evans the rifle and Freddy Brawn the Bren.


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