153997 Cpt. Reginald George Arthur BEALE M.C., 1st Recce. Regiment R.A.C.

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    153997 Captain Reginald George Arthur BEALE M.C.
    17th September 1911 Moseley, Birmingham - 10th June 1946 Sherwood, Nottingham aged 34

    LG13.11.1940 6546.png
    Commissioned in the Sherwood Foresters
    London Gazette 13th November 1940 p.6546

    LG1.2.1944 P572.png
    Transferred to the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment R.A.C. 14th November 1943
    London Gazette 1st February 1944 p.572

    Nottingham Evening Post 6th March 1944

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    Awarded Military Cross London Gazette 15th June 1944 p.2852

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    Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 19.06.55.png
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    Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 18.58.55.png
    Nottingham Evening Post Wednesday 29th March 1944

    Fred Northover 9.jpeg
    Lt.Beale M.C. 1st Recce. meets up with Lt. Leroy R. Wells after breakout of the Anzio beachhead May 1944
    © I.W.M. NA15402

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    Wounded in action October 1944
    Nottingham Evening Post Saturday 14th October 1944

    NEP 13.12.1945.png
    Returns to Nottingham City Police and promoted to Sergeant
    Nottingham Evening Post 13th December 1945
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