155220 George Edward Pinsent FAWCETT, MC, 57 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery

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    Second-Lieutenant George Edward Pinsent Fawcett, Royal Regiment of Artillery, was awarded the Military Cross.
    On January 31st, 1942, Second-Lieutenant Fawcett was in command of an troop of Bofors providing anti-aircraft defence of a field-gun position near Carmusa which was assisting in covering the withdrawal of our main forces from the Martuba area. A strong enemy column attacked the position, and enemy infantry succeeded in surprising and overwhelming the field-gun position. Second-Lieutenant Fawcett, with great coolness and presence of mind, succeeded in disengaging two of his guns and placed them in action to cover the withdrawal of the vehicles which had managed to avoid encirclement. The gun on which he positioned himself was subjected to heavy fire from an anti-tank gun, but due to this determination and cheerful encouragement the gun continued to bring fire to bear on the enemy. This gun alone fought a rearguard action which delayed the enemy lorried infantry, and caused them to call up their anti-tank gun. The delay, though of short duration, enable the rest of the field battery and other vehicles to get clear.

    Second-Lieutenant Fawcett himself took the most exposed duty at the gun. When the gun tractor was put out of action and the eventual capture of the gun became a certainty, he ordered the men to make their escape and, with calm deliberation in the face of heavy machine-gun and rifle fire, disabled his gun and took the breech away, burying this at a distance from the gun. He made his own way through enemy lines and after three days succeeded in making his escape, together with three Indian soldiers whom he had picked up, after a journey on foot of some 80 miles. Throughout this action Second-Lieutenant Fawcett showed great resourcefulness and devotion to duty, and due to his inspiring courage and determination undoubted saved the greater part of his troop from capture.

    Second-Lieutenant Fawcett was born in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

    Name Fawcett, George Edward Pinsent
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Service No: 155220
    Regiment: 170 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery Royal Artillery, 57 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Middle East (Egypt and Libya)
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 23 April 1942
    Date 1942
    Catalogue reference WO 373/19

    London Gazette:
    15 November 1940
    21 April 1942

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